vroom vroom, seedling starter

Karl set up this grow light station for me in our spare bedroom. It's a shop light fixture fitted with T8 bulbs to give us the best imitation of natural light possible. The fixture is hung from chains that are attached to hooks that he screwed into the ceiling. This way I can adjust the height of the grow light as the plants get bigger. The seedling trays are on our fold-up card table, so the whole set up was pretty darn affordable. I might have him set up one more light fixture to give me additional coverage, because once these little babies get a little bigger I'll need to put them into larger containers to allow their root systems to thrive....and that means I'll need more light.

Speaking of the little babies, here's where our first responders are as of 2/26. We've also had some leeks, onions, bok choy and peppers sprout, but still no eggplant or tomatoes.

Grow baby grow!


out with the old...

...and in with the new!

We've been wanting to get our old, galvanized plumbing replaced since the day we closed on our house. It took us just under 3 years to take the plunge, but we're finally there!

The plumbers (a nice father and son team) are here right now as I'm typing this and things seem to be going along quite nicely. Yay for the (soon-to-be-a-reality) promise of good water pressure in the kitchen! :)


two days later

The kitties enjoyed all of our time outside this weekend...

Particularly as they hung out under the bird feeder in hopeful anticipation...

We built 7 6x4 beds out of cedar fence boards, protected the wood (hopefully) from the dirt with heavy-duty plastic and reinforced them with rebar...

Henry kept a close eye on us and Cooper kept a close eye on Henry...

We found some random things in the dirt...

Including this weed root, a shout out to my homies in Texas...

Darkness was falling, as were the raindrops, when we started digging the final bed. Karl was moving so fast that I couldn't even get a clear shot of him!...

And at the end of the day we've got 7 beautifully filled beds...

We still have a huge pile of mulch that remains untouched in the driveway, but we'll get that taken care of this week. In the meantime it's nice and cozy under a huge tarp and we'll just continue to park a little funny to fit both cars in the driveway. :)

I have to give mad props to the hubs - he really worked his tail off this weekend. I worked pretty hard, too, but he did most of the heavy lifting. Thanks, babe! :)


hello, babies

On Monday (2/16) I started 50 little pods of seeds. Leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, lettuce, red bell peppers, green bell peppers and jalapenos. On Thursday when I got home, the lettuce had sprouted. Today (Friday), the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage have also sprouted!

These little babies are so cute, and I'm a little bit fascinated with analyzing the differences. See for yourself... (although I didn't get any good photos of the cabbage and I'm being too lazy to go back and try again) ...




Plus, we've got a whole lot of shoveling ahead of us this weekend...

Hope you guys don't mind the garden taking over the blog for the time being...I'm a little bit obsessed with it right now...




day after...

Happy Valentine's Day, my love...

And another one (that I can't figure out how to embed): http://www.agencyrush.com/Artists/Crush/?portfolio=animation


still becoming farmers...

The Big Dig, day 2...

This stuff works wonders for getting a stubborn tiller to start in the cold. (alternate caption: Father knows best)

The old veg garden is freshly tilled.

The rest of the garden got a 2nd till.

And this one was looking cute the whole time.

Now it's off to Starbucks to reward ourselves with a caffeine boost. :)

on becoming farmers...

Day 1 of the Big Dig, in photos (not the best photos, but I was too tired and cold to worry about photo quality)...

The day started out foggy and in the 30s. Awesome.

We rented an insanely heavy sod cutter ($40 for 2 hours) that barely fit in Karl's car. Luckily the rental place let us take home their ramps, otherwise the sod cutter would have spent two hours stuck in Karl's car.

Surveying the area and getting ready to say goodbye to all that grass. (Plus, I marked the area where our 2008 veg garden was so that you can get a sense for how much bigger we're making the garden this year.)

For some reason, I could not get him to look up and smile for the camera! (notice that you can see his breath...brrrr!)

Taking a break from rolling sod for photographic evidence. Karl would run the sod cutter over the grass, and then I'd crawl along after him rolling the sod up. I was pretty darn muddy by the end of those two hours.

A quick self portrait in the kitchen window.

After returning the sod cutter, we rented a tiller ($90 for a day, but we get to keep it until Monday morning since they aren't open on Sundays). Luckily this thing wasn't nearly as heavy as the sod cutter...if it had been, we probably would have called it a day by this point.

Karl rock and rolled his way through that dirt while I cleaned up other parts of the yard, and at the end of the day we have a big huge dirt patch. Woo hoo! In total we cut up about 1/4 of our backyard, so Hen-Hen still has lots of grassy space to run around and be a crazy pup. :)

We took about 2/3 of the sod and rolled it out in the front yard, where our grass is really cruddy. I hope it takes! The rest of the sod will be used to fill in random spaces throughout the yard.

So that's Day 1. We're sore (really sore) but excited (really excited!) about all of the garden space that we'll have now! The weather forecast for today isn't calling for any rain until the afternoon, so we're hoping to get out there and run the tiller over the dirt one more time before Mother Nature takes over. And then it'll be time (in another week or so) to get compost and mulch delivered so we can build the garden beds and paths in preparation for planting everything. So exciting! :)


still garden dreaming

We're planning on renting a sod cutter and a tiller tomorrow to dig up a 24 ft x 24 ft section of the backyard for our veg garden. I thought I'd post some garden inspiration, to help us remember what's in store for us as we suffer through the pain of getting the garden ready for planting! :)

1. sodremoval.jpg, 2. Fourhens.jpg, 3. newgarden.jpg, 4. hoophouse.jpg, 5. Our Little Garden, 6. rooftop garden, 7. Raised Beds, 8. Lettuce in raised beds with hoops, 9. My little garden, 10. 2006_0524garden0030, 11. My Herb and Veggie Garden, 12. Some Potting Shed!

Happy Friday!


Nice form!

Saw this the other day while I was doing dishes. That little guy had quite the kung fu grip!