Seriously, what's the appeal?

I understand that boys are more destructive than girls, and that sometimes boys just like to blow things up....but why? What drives someone to do something that is so stupid and potentially dangerous, not to mention a federal crime that's punishable by up to a $250,000 fine and 3 years in jail??

Yep, some stupid punks (who I'm assuming are teenage boys) blew up our mailbox last week. Kaboom!

But the joke is on those punks, because our neighbors saw the kids drive away and we were able to give a description of their vehicle to the police. So if you see a white Suburban-type SUV filled with some kids, keep an eye on your mailbox (and punch them in the nose for me!)!

You know what though? We were already planning on buying a new, lockable, mailbox...so this just sped up our plan a bit. :)

(although putting this sucker up in the dark rainy night was not really in the plan...)

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