Fixin' up the place

Lately I've really had an itch to fix up our house a bit, decoratively speaking. It's not that the house was decorated poorly, per se, it's just that there are certain areas that have been a bit neglected. So while we were checking out the deals to be had at Underhill's on Saturday (which there were a few, and we shall share them soon...), we stopped at Pier 1 to check out what they had on sale. We probably hadn't been in there for a few years, and we were happy to find that their lamps were all on sale for 25% or more off. We picked up this beauty - a brown peacock-ish teardrop-shaped lamp with a suede shade - for quite a good deal.

We think she goes quite nicely on top of the DVD bookshelf in our office, which is no longer just a crazy random happenstance of books and papers. Instead it's a pretty little scene with a few of my favorite photos that I'd forgotten about (including one of my beloved little Shelby Belby...rest her soul...).

I love the ambient light that lamps give off, and now we're on a mission to add more lamps to our house so we don't have to rely so much on harsh overhead light.

Happy Sunday!

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Melissa said...

Ah, maybe you can be a total lamp nut like me!! I LOVE lamps! And I am not a fan of overhead lights. I love mixing and matching!! I have actually run out of places to put lamps. Kind of sad that I get this jazzed about lamps...but I DO!