garden dreaming

As the snow fell (again) on Sunday, I decided to start planning our 2009 vegetable garden. What better time, right?

I still have lots of seeds leftover from last year, but Karl and I just couldn't resist ordering a whole bunch more from Seed Savers. We might just be crazy, but we're going to till up about 1/4 of our backyard and turn it in to a huge garden.

In addition to the online seed order, we also picked up some seeds on sale at Fred Meyer. Anyone want to bet on whether I'll actually get foot-wide sunflowers?

So I'm going to keep a better record of the veg garden here on the blog this year. I'm going to try and keep track of what we spend and what we harvest to show how much money we're (presumably) saving by growing our own food (except that I didn't keep my Fred Meyer receipt....oops! I'm off to a bad start already!).

Veggies ordered from seedsavers.org: beans (green beans, kidney beans, white beans), broccoli, carrots, cabbage, honeydew melon, onions, chard, potatoes, squash (hubbard and butternut), lots of tomatoes and a small watermelon. Total spent: $56.50

Seeds purchased from Freddies: cilantro, basil, peas and sunflowers. Plus one curious pup (not purchased at Freddies)...

Other veggies to grow (either from starter plants or from leftover seeds): zucchini, yellow squash, pickling cucumbers, cauliflower, beets, lettuce, oregano, thyme, parsley, rosemary, leeks, sweet potatoes and peppers. Whew...I hope we can grow it all! We're just going to give it all a try and see what works. Last year I had mixed results, but overall I was pretty successful. I hope I'm even more successful in 2009!

I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can get started on preparing the garden! I'm trying to decide if we should rent a tiller and a sod-lifter or if we should just till the grass into the dirt....any opinions?? Last year we removed the sod and tilled by hand, a back-breaking task we'll never repeat again!


Cutie pie

This little fuzzy face stayed near us all day long yesterday (we spent the day cleaning out, and cleaning up, our laundry room)...

I just love his little nose, so I kept getting distracted from the task at hand...

Luckily though, Karl stayed on task really well all day and our laundry room looks awesome now. Thanks, honey, for working so hard all day (and for suggesting the job in the first place)! Today we'll be making a big Goodwill run. Ahhh, decluttering....it feels so great! :)



Well whaddya know, my brother went and started himself up a blog!

He's doing a photo-a-day challenge (I'm assuming this is the one you're doing, right Philip?) and decided to start a blog to help him stay on track. Congrats, bro! (and thanks for the sweet words in your email about my little blog, too) :)


Obama's inauguration, in Legos!

This is way too cool to not share....especially considering my husband's love of all things Lego...

Legoland has recreated the inauguration entirely out of Legos! It's amazing the amount of detail there is in this creation!

More photos here: Legoland Inauguration

history in the making

Happy Inauguration Day!

Here's to hope, to the future, to a new day. :)


Fixin' up the place

Lately I've really had an itch to fix up our house a bit, decoratively speaking. It's not that the house was decorated poorly, per se, it's just that there are certain areas that have been a bit neglected. So while we were checking out the deals to be had at Underhill's on Saturday (which there were a few, and we shall share them soon...), we stopped at Pier 1 to check out what they had on sale. We probably hadn't been in there for a few years, and we were happy to find that their lamps were all on sale for 25% or more off. We picked up this beauty - a brown peacock-ish teardrop-shaped lamp with a suede shade - for quite a good deal.

We think she goes quite nicely on top of the DVD bookshelf in our office, which is no longer just a crazy random happenstance of books and papers. Instead it's a pretty little scene with a few of my favorite photos that I'd forgotten about (including one of my beloved little Shelby Belby...rest her soul...).

I love the ambient light that lamps give off, and now we're on a mission to add more lamps to our house so we don't have to rely so much on harsh overhead light.

Happy Sunday!


I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye...

I was very sad to learn today that Underhills, one of our favorite furniture stores, is closing all of their locations after 62 years of business.

Our old apartment was just down the street from the Redmond location of Underhills, and we often popped in there to daydream about what we'd buy when we had the money. The sales people were friendly and never pushy, and we'll never forget one in particular - Barb. She was the sales lady from whom we purchased our first major piece of furniture (the armoire in our living room), and she made the whole process very enjoyable. She even continued to remember us each time we came in for a look around.

For any of your local Seattlites, they are having a store wide liquidation sale with savings of up to 70% or more at all 4 of their locations this weekend, and they are also offering no sales tax and 12 months same as cash. We're going to check it out for sure.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu...and don't forget to support local businesses!


I'm sold!

I received a pair of these stemless wine glasses for Christmas. These things have been around for several years and I always thought they were just a gimmick to try and get you to buy more product.

But you know what? I totally love them! They feel much more stable without the stem, and they still aerate the wine nicely. I'm sold! :)


Seriously, what's the appeal?

I understand that boys are more destructive than girls, and that sometimes boys just like to blow things up....but why? What drives someone to do something that is so stupid and potentially dangerous, not to mention a federal crime that's punishable by up to a $250,000 fine and 3 years in jail??

Yep, some stupid punks (who I'm assuming are teenage boys) blew up our mailbox last week. Kaboom!

But the joke is on those punks, because our neighbors saw the kids drive away and we were able to give a description of their vehicle to the police. So if you see a white Suburban-type SUV filled with some kids, keep an eye on your mailbox (and punch them in the nose for me!)!

You know what though? We were already planning on buying a new, lockable, mailbox...so this just sped up our plan a bit. :)

(although putting this sucker up in the dark rainy night was not really in the plan...)


it worked!

I'll be making a big trip to the post office tomorrow...

Thanks, honey!! :)


handmade holidays, part III

We are sloooooowly getting our Christmas gifts to their intended recipients (although we STILL haven't mailed out any packages....and I'm stubbornly holding out for the hubs to box up the gifts since I wrapped them all....). That means I can share a few more handmade gifts!

Karl and I made this shirt for our friend Dan, a fellow gamer.

Pretty cool, huh? Lest you think this was an original idea though, I copied the idea from here. :)

Then we gave little Asher a set of felt letters to help him out as he learns to spell...

And a couple little race car crayons, as well.

I love Etsy - it's my go-to source for handmade gifts when I don't feel like making them myself!


Mii Characters

Thanks to a coworker of mine telling me about this website, Karl and I had so much fun this weekend creating fun new characters for our Nintendo Wii! We probably created about 40 different characters - cartoons, historical figures, musicians, TV actors, talk show hosts and more. So now when we bowl, our Mii friends sit in the seats behind us. And when we play baseball, our teammates are all famous people/characters too. It's so cool!

So here's a sampling of our favorite Mii characters...can you guess who they are? I'll put the answers in the comments to this post in case you get stumped.

If you've got a Wii then I highly recommend building some custom Miis! There are lots of sites out there that have Mii characters, but I liked MiiCharacters.com the best since it gives step-by-step instructions. Too much fun!


a good ole Southern tradition

I'm from Missouri, which is not exactly part of the South despite what many people assume. But that doesn't mean I can't partake in a good old Southern New Year's Day tradition, right?! :)

We decided to start 2009 off right and put luck in our favor with a pot of black eyed peas and braised greens for luck and prosperity. I pretty much followed this recipe and it was sooo good. Bring on the good luck!