snowy weather brings out the organizer in me

Am I the only one who has her nesting instinct kick in when snowy weather forces you to stay inside? We haven't left the house since Saturday afternoon, and I've gotten so much done! There was the sewing that I've already posted about, and then I decided to clean and organize our office...starting with my sewing area.

I folded and color-coded all of my fabric, ironed and color-coded my scraps and organized my shelves. It's so pretty now!

And I have to include a wider shot of the office so everyone can see our new couch. My brother hooked us UP with a good deal on a couch at Fred Meyer a few weeks ago, and even though it's larger than the old futon that we used to have in the office I was still able to gain about 2 feet or so of sewing space due to the new layout of the room. I love, love, love our new space. The new couch is so comfy and we're a little closer to the TV so it's easier to see. And all this new sewing space is just wonderful. Thanks for the hook-up, Philip!

I've also sewn curtains for the little window by my sewing table, but I don't have a curtain rod yet. I wanted to check out Ace Hardware for one today when we walked there to get a snow shovel, but luckily Karl had the foresight to call before we left...and they are completely sold out of shovels. Good thing we didn't make that couple mile trek just to find out we couldn't get what we wanted!

Anybody want a queen-sized futon? U pick up, and we'll give you a great deal...

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! :)

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philnjill said...

Looks wonderful!

And I think this entire region is sold out of snow shovels...