oh my heavens

I was too lazy to find a Friday funny to share today, so I turned to my inspiration folder...a folder on the computer where I keep photos from the web that inspire me. Today I thought I'd share two super cute houses.

Karl and I love little houses, especially when they are cute! We are typically drawn to Craftsman-style homes, but these two just tug at my heartstrings. :)

The first is a 900-square-foot converted school house. A school house! Click here to read and see more. Oh my heavens, it's almost too much! That cute little yellow door, the green porch rail, the school houseness, the exposed rafter beams, the circular window in the kitchen....whew, the cuteness is almost overwhelming.

The next house is a whimsical little cutie that (I think) is in Oregon. I don't seem to have saved the link where I got this photo from though, so I can't give it proper credit. Karl...I sent this to your email a while back, do you still have it??

I love the landscaping, the green-on-white color scheme, the steep roof and the arched windows on this one. Too, too, too cute!

Happy Friday!

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