gobble, gobble

Last Wednesday we packed up the car, including our 21-lb bird from Skagit River Ranch (swimming happily in a yummy brining mixture from Williams-Sonoma), and drove about 14 hours south so that we could spend Thanksgiving with my dad and stepmom.

We took Henry with us, and he behaved like a little angel. I do believe that Barb and Dad may have wanted to dog-nap him and keep him for themselves!

Barb had a really pretty runner on their kitchen table. It's inspired me to get back to sewing...I hope!

As we prepared our Thanksgiving feast, Henry spent a lot of time like this...

The big reveal...

And our trip wouldn't have been complete without a stop at In-N-Out. Oh me oh my, I love that place!

We had a fabulous time, even if the stairs did turn me in to a bit of a hopalong. :) We always wish (and still do) that Dad and Barb would move much, much closer to us....but we sure do like their house and their yard, so it's hard to argue with them wanting to stay there.

Thanks for being such great hosts, Dad & Barb!

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