Christmas play

Last weekend we braved WINTER STORM 2008 (!) and drove up to Monroe to watch a few of my nieces and nephews perform in a Christmas play. We sat in the back of the church with my brother and the two littles...

But man, for the life of me I could not get a clear shot of Sophia. She sure is an active and happy little one!

Alexander was Captain Courage and Maranda was a Jack-in-the-Box, while Lydia was a cute Raggedy Ann in the chorus. They all did so great! (since we don't know those other kids, I decided to 'smiley'-out their faces just in case their families don't want their smiling mugs on the interwebs)

Maranda sang several vocal solos, and she sang beautifully. She even knew all of Alexander's lines as well and was able to give him a little tap as a reminder that it was time for Captain Courage to speak up.

Lydia also did a great job as part of the chorus, and we were pretty sure that she could have filled in for any of the other kids as their understudy had there been a need for that. Such an observant one, she is!

The snow flurries were much less than what had been forecast, so I'm really glad that they didn't postpone the play and we were able to enjoy this fun evening with the fam. :)

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philnjill said...

YAY! It was great having you up for it.