2 yummy recipes, only 1 photo

Remember that cabbage that I posted a photo of last week? Well I turned it in to a cabbage and apple slaw/salad, and it was soooo yummy! Click here for the recipe, if you are interested. I omitted the walnuts and blue cheese, because I didn't have any on hand at the time, but I imagine that the salad would be even better if I would have included them!

The recipe says that it serves 6, but my big cabbage and apples (I used honey crisps) made enough for 8 healthy servings. I love an easy, healthy and inexpensive salad that feeds us for several meals!

The other recipe I'd like to share today is for all of those turkey leftovers that you may still have (if you are like me and paid a hefty premium to support a small, local farmer and get an ethically-raised, pasture-fed, free-range turkey...then you saved every last bit of that bird so that you can get your money's worth out of it).

A website that I like a lot, TipNut.com, posted a whole bunch of links to leftover turkey recipes and I tried one of them out last night. Leftover Turkey Nachos Cuban Style was so good! I added a large chopped onion and quite a bit more spice than this recipe called for, and I used a large can of tomato sauce instead of a small one. It was kind of like turkey enchiladas, and the Thanksgiving-ness of our turkey wasn't at all noticeable (which is something that I was really worried about). I used about 2 cups of shredded turkey, and it made an entire lasagna pan full. Yummy!

Happy cooking!

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