OMG, I made some yummy pork chops last night! I don't have a photo to share so you'll just have to trust me because they were not only tasty but pretty too, with their orange-ish glaze made out of mostly apple cider.

Here's the recipe: America's Test Kitchen glazed pork chops. I think you have to register to get to the website, but it's free. Plus, who doesn't love more access to my favorite PBS show?! :)

Speaking of pork products though, I wanted to link to an alarming article that I came across the other day about dangerous bacteria being found in grocery store meat. I'll leave it up to you to decide if the story has any validity or not, but I for one am happy that we buy most all of our meat from Skagit River Ranch! We've met George and Eiko, we've toured their farm and we trust their farming practices.

Happy Wednesday!

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