that's what I'm talking about!

Every since spending a few days sitting at the hospital bedside of a certain somebody (who is mostly all better now, BTW) a few months ago, I've been thinking that it's high time I learn how to knit. It would have been the perfect thing to bring along with me to keep my hands occupied!

So for Karl, from whom I have requested a knitting-related gift this Christmas, this post is for you. :)

Oh the cuteness! I have no idea what that little mushroom thing is used for, but it's darn cute! This particular knitting kit is in the UK, but I'm sure you could probably find something like this at one of the yard shops that are around here. Heck, maybe you could even make one for me with colors of yarn that you know I'd like. Just an idea.... ;)


Anonymous said...

That kit is very cute and I definitely could see you were going to love it before you even said so. I'm very curious about the mushroom thing as well. Carrie if you're still checking the blog could you tell me what that is for?

Anonymous said...

I think you'd love knitting. Taking an evening class is fun too, because you usually complete a project like a hat:) ~julie

Carrie said...

The mushroom thing is a "Knitting Nancy" or "Knitting Spool". It's used to make knitted cord, like the kind you'd thread through a hoody. I love that kit, too!!!!