I am deeply thankful for the great meal that we're going to enjoy today, for being able to eat fresh and nutritious food every day of the year and that my family members are all able to enjoy the same good fortune. Not everyone is so fortunate though. I've heard quite a bit on the news lately that the current economic environment has resulted in a sharp drop-off in food bank donations and it breaks my heart to think of families out there going hungry when so much perfectly good food goes to waste every day in the average American household.

So this year for Thanksgiving we donated a week of meals for an elderly person via Meals on Wheels (little known fact: I used to deliver meals for MOW when I was in high school), and we also donated some organic non-perishable food to Northwest Harvest as well. If you have the means then I encourage all of you to do the same!

May you be surrounded by all of your favorites today...family, friends, food, traditions. And may you be blessed with good health and good fortune in the days and years to come. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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