Hurricane Ridge....or The Shining?

Last weekend my father-in-law was in town visiting from Missouri, and we decided to take him to Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge on one of the days that he was here. After a verrrrry long drive to get there, and a somewhat disappointing romp through town, we headed up to Hurricane Ridge.

The trees were so gorgeous on the drive up there - lots of maples with their leaves turning yellow. I wanted to stop in the middle of the road to get a shot of the prettiest trees, since there wasn't a turn-out where it was the most scenic, but somebody (I won't say who...) thought that would be too dangerous! So this is the best I could do from one of the roadside lookout points... (that's Canada in the far background of the picture, across the water)

There were these crazy rock sculpture all along the roadside, and I found them to be oddly enchanting.

And a cool tunnel. I always love tunnels.

But as we ascended the mountain the weather started to turn. The rain was pounding, the wind was howling and the cloud cover was threatening to take things over. Nervous Ninny was getting....nervous.

Here's what the view at the top should have looked like.

And here's what it actually looked like!

Oh let's step outside to see if the windows are distorting our view! What's that? They aren't? Oh. :(

To top it all off, the visitor's center was completely deserted and as such was pretty creepy. We were so isolated and it was so foggy and windy that I half-expected to see REDRUM written on one of the windows!

Oh well, next time I'll do more research (and check the weather forecast!) before embarking on such a trip. On the bright side, it gave us a good story to tell!

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Anonymous said...

This Hurricane Ridge nearly stole my hat. I stepped out of the car and the hat on my head was ripped off and flying across the parking lot in seconds. I had to sprint to catch it before it went flying over the wall and down the ridge. As I went back to the car I could see Laura laughing hard at my adventure.

The 'Hurricane' in Hurricane Ridge is well earned.