Friday funny

Happy day after Thanksgiving! I'll get to turkey day soon, but first it's time for a Friday funny!

From Despair.com, some Demotivators for your enjoyment. So many of these made me laugh out loud that I just had to share some my favorites!



I am deeply thankful for the great meal that we're going to enjoy today, for being able to eat fresh and nutritious food every day of the year and that my family members are all able to enjoy the same good fortune. Not everyone is so fortunate though. I've heard quite a bit on the news lately that the current economic environment has resulted in a sharp drop-off in food bank donations and it breaks my heart to think of families out there going hungry when so much perfectly good food goes to waste every day in the average American household.

So this year for Thanksgiving we donated a week of meals for an elderly person via Meals on Wheels (little known fact: I used to deliver meals for MOW when I was in high school), and we also donated some organic non-perishable food to Northwest Harvest as well. If you have the means then I encourage all of you to do the same!

May you be surrounded by all of your favorites today...family, friends, food, traditions. And may you be blessed with good health and good fortune in the days and years to come. Happy Thanksgiving!!


that's what I'm talking about!

Every since spending a few days sitting at the hospital bedside of a certain somebody (who is mostly all better now, BTW) a few months ago, I've been thinking that it's high time I learn how to knit. It would have been the perfect thing to bring along with me to keep my hands occupied!

So for Karl, from whom I have requested a knitting-related gift this Christmas, this post is for you. :)

Oh the cuteness! I have no idea what that little mushroom thing is used for, but it's darn cute! This particular knitting kit is in the UK, but I'm sure you could probably find something like this at one of the yard shops that are around here. Heck, maybe you could even make one for me with colors of yarn that you know I'd like. Just an idea.... ;)



Sharing a few photos of the gorgeous leaves on our Japanese maple. Too bad those pretty leaves only stick around for a few weeks each year before fluttering to the ground, but at least I'll have photographs to sustain me through until next year when the leaves come back!

Happy Sunday!


Snoqualmie Falls

And now for the last post from my short visit with Melissa (who, BTW, I have been friends with for 25 years and counting)...

Melissa wanted to experience some nature and hiking while she was here. Even though Snoqualmie Falls is very touristy, it's still got a nice little hike with it and the falls sure are beautiful!

And how pathetic is it that the 1-mile hike back up from the bottom of the Falls completely wiped me out?? I'm so out of shape!

Melissa...thank you so much for coming to visit us. I had a wonderful time, it was great seeing you and I promise that I'll come down to Dallas to visit you soon!


Friday funny

If they *really* cared, would they fry at all??



While having lunch at a pub in Snoqualmie before heading to the Falls, I found the foam bubbles and lipstick smudges on the beer and wine glasses oddly appealing. The food wasn't so great, but I sure did like playing with different settings on my camera!

Okay, it's off to find my focus... :)


Sunny day at the Locks

After taking Henry to the beach last weekend, Melissa and I headed over to the Locks. We sat and watched the few boats that came through and daydreamed about living a boating lifestyle. :)

Afterward we ate fish 'n chips nearby at the Lockspot. It wasn't the day that I'd originally planned, but we improvised and still had some fun. :)



Some ominous-looking trees that I captured at the beach the other day. Kind of creepy! (Note that the ominous-ness was added in via Photoshop....so they weren't really that creepy) :)


waterfront Henry

My friend Melissa was in town this past weekend, and one of the things that we did was to take Henry to the waterfront for a while. He loved it! :)

What's that around the corner from you, Mom??

Ooooh, ducks! I'm gonna go get them! Or....maybe not. This water's a little cold. And those ducks are kind of far out in the water. Okay, I'm just going to stand here for a second and act like I'm going to get them. A dog can dream, right?

Ahh, the warm sun feels so good on my face!



Friday funny

When life gives you a stack of worthless stock certificates, make party hats! Throw a financial crisis party!

(from Plum Party)


Mr. Incredible

Henry got a long-overdue haircut, and we just can't stop cuddling with him and snuggling with his super soft cuteness. Heck, even the leaves up and dropped right off the trees at the site of him. ;)

Now if only we could convince him to stay with us instead of bolting out of the yard to go visit the neighbor dogs, then we could take pictures of him without his training collar and leash on! Oh well, maybe one day...


Happy birthday, Karl!

Today my little hot sauce turns 34. Happy birthday, honey!

You're my favorite everything. :)


Hurricane Ridge....or The Shining?

Last weekend my father-in-law was in town visiting from Missouri, and we decided to take him to Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge on one of the days that he was here. After a verrrrry long drive to get there, and a somewhat disappointing romp through town, we headed up to Hurricane Ridge.

The trees were so gorgeous on the drive up there - lots of maples with their leaves turning yellow. I wanted to stop in the middle of the road to get a shot of the prettiest trees, since there wasn't a turn-out where it was the most scenic, but somebody (I won't say who...) thought that would be too dangerous! So this is the best I could do from one of the roadside lookout points... (that's Canada in the far background of the picture, across the water)

There were these crazy rock sculpture all along the roadside, and I found them to be oddly enchanting.

And a cool tunnel. I always love tunnels.

But as we ascended the mountain the weather started to turn. The rain was pounding, the wind was howling and the cloud cover was threatening to take things over. Nervous Ninny was getting....nervous.

Here's what the view at the top should have looked like.

And here's what it actually looked like!

Oh let's step outside to see if the windows are distorting our view! What's that? They aren't? Oh. :(

To top it all off, the visitor's center was completely deserted and as such was pretty creepy. We were so isolated and it was so foggy and windy that I half-expected to see REDRUM written on one of the windows!

Oh well, next time I'll do more research (and check the weather forecast!) before embarking on such a trip. On the bright side, it gave us a good story to tell!


a Friday funny

For your Friday enjoyment....a crazy picture of Mr. Henry from last June when we went camping. It was pretty windy by the lake! :)




OMG, I made some yummy pork chops last night! I don't have a photo to share so you'll just have to trust me because they were not only tasty but pretty too, with their orange-ish glaze made out of mostly apple cider.

Here's the recipe: America's Test Kitchen glazed pork chops. I think you have to register to get to the website, but it's free. Plus, who doesn't love more access to my favorite PBS show?! :)

Speaking of pork products though, I wanted to link to an alarming article that I came across the other day about dangerous bacteria being found in grocery store meat. I'll leave it up to you to decide if the story has any validity or not, but I for one am happy that we buy most all of our meat from Skagit River Ranch! We've met George and Eiko, we've toured their farm and we trust their farming practices.

Happy Wednesday!


One giant leap!

President-elect Obama. Man oh man does that sound GOOD!! Such an historic night and such a significant step for our country.

"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer ...

"It's the answer that led those who had been told by so long, by so many, to be cynical and fearful and doubtful about what we could achieve, to put their hand on the arc of history and bend it for another day,'' he said. "At this defining moment, change has come to America.''

Yes We Can!!


a horse of course

There are several horse pastures near our house, and one in particular that we walk by has a trio of very friendly horses that we can sometimes convince to come see us. We like to bring some veggies or fruit with us when we think the horses might be in a visiting kind of mood, and they seem particularly fond of celery stalks!

And every time we get done visiting with the horses I say “I want a horse!” and Karl says “I knew you’d say that!” and then I tell him about my childhood dreams of keeping a horse in my backyard. I sure do love animals.

And I also love their knobby knees and ankles...makes me feel a certain kinship with them. :)

Maybe someday...

...but until that day comes, I'm perfectly happy to keep bringing these guys some celery stalks.


last minute Halloween decoration

Yesterday afternoon I started to feel guilty that we hadn't put up any of our spooky Halloween decorations this year....so I rushed around and pulled together a spooky graveyard!

Too bad we then proceeded to have only 30 trick or treaters...and now we have SO MUCH candy leftover!