Warm it up, Chris

I don’t have a before photo for this project, just an after. But look at all this pretty insulation in our attic!

When my brother-in-law told me how he’d added bats of insulation to their attic in Portland, I was all “Oh I could totally do that myself in our house!”. And I fully intended to, too. Really and truly I did.

But then on our anniversary, after Karl’s family left from their annual visit, I decided to climb up in to the attic to (1) see how difficult it would be to move around up there, and (2) solve the mystery of what was in a cardboard box that we could see sitting on a rafter about halfway down the length of our house.

This short adventure involved scooting around on my tush, navigating a few small pieces of plywood to keep from crashing through the ceiling, inhaling far too much insulation dust, narrowly avoiding a tetanus infection from all of the rusty nails that poke through the very low roof (nails that are holding down the roof tiles, I presume) and swearing sweating up a storm….until I finally arrived at the mystery box. What secret treasures awaited me inside that box, I wondered? Would it allow me to retire early? Oh pretty please with sugar on top?!

Umm, it was a @%$(*#! box of…LOOSE INSULATION. Are you freaking kidding me?? Really? A box of insulation?!?

After dropping the f-bomb and throwing a small fit sighing in frustration, I stooped and scooted my way out of that attic and promptly got online to find someone who I could hire to blow the insulation in for us. Fast forward to a few weeks later and some very polite men pulled up to our house in a very big truck and made quick work of our attic. And now we’re snug as a bug in a rug with our up-to-code attic insulation!

And really, other than having to pay an extra $250 to have them repair some stupid stuff up there, the cost of hiring someone was really comparable to if I’d just gone to Lowes or Home Depot and turned this in to a DIY project.

Now, does anyone have a good but relatively cheap plumber?? I want to replace our plumbing next!

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