When I decided to grow a vegetable garden this year I had grand plans of all the food that I’d be putting up for the winter. Heck, I even bought a huge pressure canner just for the job (thanks for helping me find that, BTW, Dad!).

But I really had no idea just how much you have to grow in order to eat fresh veggies AND still have enough left over to can. And since my garden was fairly small (relatively speaking), dreams of our pantry being lined with row upon row of jars of homegrown food kind of went out the window.

Except, that is, for one batch of salsa (and the peach jam made earlier in the year). It’s a lot of work to make your own food! There were moments when I wondered what I’d gotten myself into with all the chopping (and chopping, and chopping, and chopping…) and good lord ALL THE DISHES! All in our small kitchen…a kitchen that doesn’t have a dishwasher for pete’s sake!

But that was all forgotten when I tried the first scoop of salsa on a tortilla chip. Before long Karl and I were practically in a shoving match to have the best spot by the bowl of salsa, it was that good. And now every time I look at those cute little jars of salsa it just makes me happy.

I would totally do this again.

(I used this recipe, in case you are interested. That blog is a recent find of mine that I will definitely be turning to for inspiration when planning next year’s garden!)

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