different strokes

Last week I made an impromptu trip to northern California to stay with my dad and stepmom for a few days. To keep my mind off of the unexpected medical problems that were coming at me from all directions, I decided to walk around their beautiful house and photograph some of my favorite parts of it. There are so many cute (almost whimsical) little vignettes around their house, I loved going on my little treasure hunt!

Here is part 1: inside the house...

I'll share part 2 (outside the house) in a separate post. Dad....don't scare me like that again!

Don't stop untiI we're
over the goaI Iine.

Don't forget men, today's
the day we're gonna win.

They can't beat us in the fight and
we'II fight, fight, fight, fight!

What do you say, men? Yeah!

--from the movie Rudy

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