I know I promised garden photos for my next post, but I think you'll agree that this trumps pictures of cute little tomatoes. Karl and I ran to the grocery store a bit ago and when we came home.....this is what we found in our backyard!!

That would be a very large portion of one of our two Italian plum trees, broke plum in half! The tree has looked pretty decrepit every since we moved in, and we removed a big limb a few years ago. It always produces lots of yummy plums though and this year was shaping up to be a banner crop. Now most of those plums are laying in the lower half of my backyard!

Who knew that when I was trying to capture a cute picture of our little chickadees the other day that I was taking the last picture of the full tree??

Guess we don't need a gym membership after all, because we'll be getting plenty of exercise cutting this bad boy up tomorrow!

Rest in peace, little plum tree. Thanks for not falling on the garden or on the dog or on us!

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philnjill said...

What a shame!!