The answer to my last post's title comes at around 3 minutes and 20 seconds. :) Put That Thing Back!


put that thing back where it came from or so help me...

...so help me!

(anybody, besides my hubby, who knows where this post title is from??)

So we never received our stimulus check. The IRS said they mailed it on July 11 and it should have arrived by August 8. It's still not here. So now I've filed a claim, and in 6 weeks I should know if the check just got lost somewhere or if someone forged our names and stole our money. If that's the case then we have to submit handwriting samples to prove that our signatures were forged. UGH!

Normally I would think that it must have gotten lost in all the red tape...except our neighbor across the street hasn't gotten her check either. That makes the situation just plain suspect!

Next up on the 'to do' list? Buy and install a lockable mailbox!


a proper garden update

Okay, so here's a mid-summer update on how my first real vegetable garden is doing.

Overall it's doing great! There have been a few losers though - the cauliflower plant is afflicted with some nasty type of bug (I did get 3.5 good heads of cauliflower off of it though, so I guess it's not a total loser!), and our apple tree is losing apples like crazy. And then of course there are the plum trees - nature decided that we didn't need very many plums this year (not only did more than half of the one tree fall, but we ended up cutting a lot of the other one off because it had rotted as well). Knock on wood though, the mole hasn't broken through our defenses (not for lack of trying) and the slugs haven't discovered the tasty treats that await them in the garden. I hope I didn't just jinx myself!

We've had a few duds, but then there are oh so many winners out there too. We've got tomatoes galore growing on the vine (have only gotten ripe cherry tomatoes so far), the rainbow chard is out of control, I've got a whole wine barrel full of spinach that's ready to pick, we've enjoyed several zucchini and yellow squash, the few beets that we planted turned in to a yummy side dish, green beans are going to be ready any day now, there's so much basil that it's starting to bolt (must make and freeze some pesto, stat!), the few leeks that I planted are doing well and I've got lots of bell peppers growing! Whew!

And here are a few bigger pictures of the main garden:

Leslie, when you asked me if the garden was much work....I should have said that it hasn't been much work so far (except for the whole part about digging up our yard), but that once everything ripens up it's going to be crazy up in this joint! But I think I'm up for the challenge....I'm just not sure if I'm up for washing all the resulting dishes! :)

Finally, here are some pictures of my little garden helpers (and you saw my other little garden helper Cooper in the last post). The bees give me the creeps, but this year I didn't cut the lavender down since I know that honeybees are having a rough go of it lately and also because I wanted those little buzzers to pollinate my plants! And we've also got a lot of these tiny little frogs. They are good for the garden, right? They sure are cute!


guess I'm not the only one in love with the garden

I found Cooper like this the other day, just a-lovin' away in the sunny dirt between the tomatoes and the rainbow chard. I think he felt right at home with those orange marigolds!


Faces in Places

I've got my eye on you...

See here for other 'faces in places'. Think I should submit this one?



I know I promised garden photos for my next post, but I think you'll agree that this trumps pictures of cute little tomatoes. Karl and I ran to the grocery store a bit ago and when we came home.....this is what we found in our backyard!!

That would be a very large portion of one of our two Italian plum trees, broke plum in half! The tree has looked pretty decrepit every since we moved in, and we removed a big limb a few years ago. It always produces lots of yummy plums though and this year was shaping up to be a banner crop. Now most of those plums are laying in the lower half of my backyard!

Who knew that when I was trying to capture a cute picture of our little chickadees the other day that I was taking the last picture of the full tree??

Guess we don't need a gym membership after all, because we'll be getting plenty of exercise cutting this bad boy up tomorrow!

Rest in peace, little plum tree. Thanks for not falling on the garden or on the dog or on us!