days go by and still I think of you

Well, it's summer time and the garden has been taking up my spare time. And I just haven't felt all that inspired with writing anything for the blog. Sorry!

Speaking of the garden, my next post will be devoted to some pictures of the veg goodness. It's growing like gangbusters though! We had a meal that was almost entirely from the garden last weekend - stuffed squash/zucchini blossoms, cauliflower and roasted beets were all from the garden and we ate them with some French lentils that were a nice accompaniment to the fresh veggies. Stay tuned for pictures!

My friend Melissa was supposed to come up for a visit from Dallas last weekend but the flights fell apart at the last minute and the trip had to be postponed. :( We had planned a quick girls' trip up to Vancouver and I had already purchased the hotel through priceline, so luckily Karl was able to take the day off work and go with me so the hotel wasn't lost. I'm so bummed that Melissa wasn't able to come up, and even more bummed that it looks like it'll be at least September before she's able to get on a flight. I'm sorry, Melissa!

We had fun on our trip, although one night is far too short a trip to be able to fully take in and enjoy a city like Vancouver. Next time it'll have to be a longer trip!

Here are a few pics from our quick little trip...

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