how does your garden grow?

Have I used that title before? Maybe, but I'm too lazy to look. :)

In an effort to save some money, learn some old-school skills and get healthy, we planted a vegetable garden this year. In some respects it's been a slow start (it has been the coldest spring on record in Seattle this year).

In the last few days though, the sun has finally come out...

...and the veggies (well, the plants) have started to grow! Granted, it's not like I'm in Sacramento or KC where SOME people already have peppers and tomatoes on the vine, but I'll take what I can get!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh -- that's such a developed garden! I'm jealous :) We have basil (not enough fast enough!), cilantro coming up strong, and some show-off shard :) Your garden looks wonderful!
~Julie K.