On beets and Jamie Oliver

I harvested our first beets this weekend! As you can see, Henry was pretty interested in what was going on...

I could have left them in to get bigger, but I was so anxious that I couldn't wait any longer! We cooked them up for dinner on Friday using this recipe, and they were soooooo good. As this is almost all of the beets that we actually planted, I'm trying to find my seed packet so I can get some more going to enjoy this year. And next year, these suckers are going to get a much bigger allocation in the garden!

With the beets we had a fabulous pasta dish from my new favorite TV chef, Jamie Oliver (recipe found here). Oh mama mia, I'd forgotten how much I LOVE fresh peas! They are so sweet! (note to self: next year, grow peas!) The peas came from the U-District farmers market 2 weeks ago and the broad beans (fava beans) came from the Renton farmers market this past Tuesday evening. I made the pea/bean mixture using the food processor, then I tossed it all with some spaghetti noodles and put some fresh mozzarella on top. This dish was so good that it reminded me that I've been remiss in adding a new category to this blog for a while now....Karlisms!

You see, I think my hubby says some pretty darn funny things that I want to remember. What better place to record them than here?

So for the first Karlism, let me set the scene: we'd just gotten done eating our dinner of beets and Jamie's pasta dish and Karl asked if there was any left for seconds. Unfortunately there wasn't, so that caused him to exclaim with his fist in the air...

Darn you Jamie Oliver! You put the flavors of spring in my mouth and then you took it away!
Maybe you had to be there to get the full humor of this, but I got a good laugh out of it!

Happy Sunday!


grow baby grow

I took the day off work today and decided to make use of the sunshine to weed the garden and lay out the soaker hose that we picked up the other day from Lowes. To my surprise, what did I find out there? This pretty little girl!

She's a little cherry tomato from one of the starter plants that I bought to get a head-start on the growing season (since the plants I started from seed are still fairly small). Grow baby grow!

“This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow's happiness grow.” --Margaret Lindsey


how does your garden grow?

Have I used that title before? Maybe, but I'm too lazy to look. :)

In an effort to save some money, learn some old-school skills and get healthy, we planted a vegetable garden this year. In some respects it's been a slow start (it has been the coldest spring on record in Seattle this year).

In the last few days though, the sun has finally come out...

...and the veggies (well, the plants) have started to grow! Granted, it's not like I'm in Sacramento or KC where SOME people already have peppers and tomatoes on the vine, but I'll take what I can get!



For Memorial Day weekend, Karl took me to Astoria as a belated 30th birthday present. We've wanted to go there for years (Karl is a huge Goonies fan, and Goonies was filmed in Astoria), and I'm so glad that we finally checked this one off the list. Such a lovely little town, we just loved it!

We stayed at the most charming B&B, Britta's Inn:

The owners, Rona and Skip, were very gracious hosts and the location was perfect. We'll definitely be staying there again!

There are so many beautiful old houses in Astoria. We loved walking around and daydreaming about which one we could buy and fix up! :)

(the one in the upper left-hand corner was our favorite, BTW)

Now, here's a big mosaic of the rest of our visit to Astoria (click to enlarge):

We found a new favorite comfort food (Bosnian, soooooo good!), picked up some fabulous souvenirs at the Sunday Market and just generally had a fantastic time. We didn't want to leave!

But seeing as we haven't hit the lotto yet, we had to leave and return to the real world. Before heading back to Seattle though, we drove south down the Oregon coast a bit to see Cannon Beach. The weather was pretty overcast, but it didn't diminish the natural beauty of it all.

Thanks for a lovely weekend, Karl. Even though it wasn't exactly a surprise, it was one of my favorite weekends ever. Now I must go look for campgrounds around there so we can go back and bring Henry with us! :)