Bainbridge with Mom

These past few weeks have been full of visitors and travel for us! It all kicked off just before my trip to Paris...my mom came up to Seattle for her first visit in about 4 years. One of the days she was here, we took a ferry over to Bainbridge Island. It's such a lovely little seaside village. I just love it!

Know what else I love? Esther's Fabrics and the super cool new stuff that I bought there! I got some awesome owl fabric and some super rad Japanese imported fabric (but I'm too lazy to take a photo of it). Now I just have to make something with it!

Mom....thanks for coming out to visit us. Hopefully you had a good time - I know we did. :)


Vive la France!

I was lucky enough to get to go on a short business trip to Paris this past week, and my dad was able to come with me! Here are a few of my favorite photos...

Cool Metro Sign:

Notre Dame:

Eiffel Tower:

Sacre Coeur:

Super cool Citroen 2CV tour:

I'm so glad that my dad was able to come with me, and am very happy that he did alright on his own for the day that I was in meetings and tooling around the city in a tres cool vintage car. :)

I look forward to being able to go back and have more time to enjoy the City of Lights!


lordy, lordy, looks who's...

Happy Birthday, Brian! I hope you have the Best. Birthday. Evah tomorrow, bro. I don't know if you'll ever even see this, but if you do, I hope this milestone birthday is a fabulous one for you filled with lots of family time and not very much time at work at the hospital. I love you!

(now come up to Seattle for a visit, will ya? you've got 2 siblings up here, and it's quite a nice town to visit...if I do say so myself...) :-)



This past Wednesday we went to see The Swell Season at the Moore Theater. They sang a lot of songs from their movie Once, as well as a bunch of other Frames songs and Irish folk songs. It was amazing. So. Totally. Awesome.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the two main vocalists, have amazing live voices and Hansard is an enthralling storyteller. They played a really long set, too. The encore kept going and going, as if you were watching a group of friends who got together for a few drinks and they ended up busting out the instruments and spending the evening singing their favorite songs. I loved it! I loved the movie when we saw it, but now that I've seen them in person I love it even more.

Here's a short video that I took during the concert. The song is When Your Mind's Made Up. Enjoy...