Earth Day 2008

In honor of Earth Day, I want to post about some of my favorite "green" links, my green steps this past year and my green goals for the coming year. If you want to join along in the comments, please feel free! And if you don't believe in global warming or in going green or in the benefit of organics.....well, just call me a hippy dippy liberal and skip right on over this post. :)


** Why bother? To set an example for others, that's why! (I just love Michael Pollan's writings, BTW, but I do realize that he's probably a bit too preachy for some people. Sorry if he bothers you!)

** http://treehugger.com/, recently awarded the prestigious title as one of the most influential blogs in the world!

** http://yougrowgirl.com/, a valuable gardening source of inspiration.

** Find a farmers market - the U-District market is my favorite.

A few steps we took last year:

** grew tomatoes

** bought an Energy-Star rated washer/dryer set

** started line-drying a good portion of our clothes

** participated in Earth Hour

** started using fragrance/chemical free shampoo and conditioner from Whole Foods (same with our toothpaste)

** stopped using cleaning chemicals and started cleaning the house with basically just vinegar and baking soda (safe and cheap, too!)

** started carrying around reusable shopping bags everywhere we go (we use a large tote from LL Bean for big purchases and a smaller fold-up Envirosax bag for smaller everyday trips to the store)

** started using reusable napkins instead of disposables

** cut way back on the use of plastics - no more Nalgene bottles (stainless all the way!), no more microwaving food in plastic, trying to store everything in glass containers, etc

This year I'd like to:

** grow a full vegetable garden (we're almost there...2008 is the year of our Victory Garden!)

** install and use a rain barrel to water our lawn and plants (thanks Dan and Leslie! I think that might be one of the best gifts I've ever gotten....I love it!)

** continue to cut back on our consumption of meat...get to the point where meat is an accompaniment to a meal rather than the main dish

** begin composting at home instead of sending everything out with our yard waste

** walk to the gym instead of driving there

** eat real food, not too much, mostly plants (this goes along with my earlier bullet point, but also includes processed foods as well)

So there you have it....baby steps...

Happy Earth Day!


Anonymous said...

I'm very lucky to have married such a doer. She really tries hard every day to do more and become more responsible about our consumption. Going Green isn't easy, but Laura works at it all the time. I hope everyone takes even one of her suggestions to heart.

I love going green with my Cutie!


Anonymous said...

Hi!! I've started using canvas shopping bags for groceries, bought a SIGG bottle for the gym instead of using & refilling the plastic ones, really want to start growing my own herbs (if I don't kill them this time!) and we've always recycled paper, plastic, glass. :) This is a huge movement. Oprah just had a show for her Earth Day celebration. Feeling your hippie ways in Boulder:) And lovin' life!