the big dig

The weather was so nice this weekend (almost 80 degrees on Saturday!), so we spent the whole weekend working on our garden. We started digging this thing up the weekend before our bathtub broke. Needless to say, having a functioning shower was much more important than getting the veg garden going...and not too much got accomplished after that first weekend. But now that the bathroom is essentially done and the weather is warming up...veg on!

We had quite the assembly line going for this - Karl digs up the sod and piles it on my workstation, then I use a little hoe and knock off as much dirt as possible while filtering out as many of the rocks as I can catch. Then I dump off the dirt into a big pile so that Henry can stand on it and pretend that he's king of the world. :)

Once we got a nice section dug up, we laid down a layer of fine galvanized mesh to discourage our friend the mole, piled the dirt back on (while mixing in compost), and then I spent some time arranging the rocks to make a nice border. So far all of the rocks that we've used have come from the yard as we've been digging. I think we'll for sure have to buy some gravel and some more rocks, but it's nice to be able to recycle what we can!

We are about halfway done with the digging/mesh laying/compost mixing. The finished product will be an L-shaped garden in the lower section of our backyard, and it's going to be so cute!

Now I just need to figure out a way to keep Henry from jumping off the rock wall right in to the garden...


philnjill said...

The mesh is a clever idea - wish I'd done that! Looks wonderful so far - look forward to seeing it!

Carrie said...

That looks like a lot of work . . ..