How can this lovable pup do something as disgusting as catch and try to eat a bird in our yard?? YUCK.

You're lucky you're so darn cute, mister.

(he didn't eat the bird, btw, but not for lack of trying...)


tulips, lots and lots of tulips

I went up to the Tulip Festival this past week with my friend Leslie and her kids. The tulips were so pretty! And Leslie let me play with her camera (a 20D, I think)...that's always a plus!


Earth Day 2008

In honor of Earth Day, I want to post about some of my favorite "green" links, my green steps this past year and my green goals for the coming year. If you want to join along in the comments, please feel free! And if you don't believe in global warming or in going green or in the benefit of organics.....well, just call me a hippy dippy liberal and skip right on over this post. :)


** Why bother? To set an example for others, that's why! (I just love Michael Pollan's writings, BTW, but I do realize that he's probably a bit too preachy for some people. Sorry if he bothers you!)

** http://treehugger.com/, recently awarded the prestigious title as one of the most influential blogs in the world!

** http://yougrowgirl.com/, a valuable gardening source of inspiration.

** Find a farmers market - the U-District market is my favorite.

A few steps we took last year:

** grew tomatoes

** bought an Energy-Star rated washer/dryer set

** started line-drying a good portion of our clothes

** participated in Earth Hour

** started using fragrance/chemical free shampoo and conditioner from Whole Foods (same with our toothpaste)

** stopped using cleaning chemicals and started cleaning the house with basically just vinegar and baking soda (safe and cheap, too!)

** started carrying around reusable shopping bags everywhere we go (we use a large tote from LL Bean for big purchases and a smaller fold-up Envirosax bag for smaller everyday trips to the store)

** started using reusable napkins instead of disposables

** cut way back on the use of plastics - no more Nalgene bottles (stainless all the way!), no more microwaving food in plastic, trying to store everything in glass containers, etc

This year I'd like to:

** grow a full vegetable garden (we're almost there...2008 is the year of our Victory Garden!)

** install and use a rain barrel to water our lawn and plants (thanks Dan and Leslie! I think that might be one of the best gifts I've ever gotten....I love it!)

** continue to cut back on our consumption of meat...get to the point where meat is an accompaniment to a meal rather than the main dish

** begin composting at home instead of sending everything out with our yard waste

** walk to the gym instead of driving there

** eat real food, not too much, mostly plants (this goes along with my earlier bullet point, but also includes processed foods as well)

So there you have it....baby steps...

Happy Earth Day!


30 now

Such a fabulous weekend! I must say that I have a great group of friends, family and coworkers...all of whom made my 30th the best. Thanks everyone!!

(photos, from the top: happy birthday to me, a cupcake-themed gift set at work and the ultimate...a rain barrel!)


the big dig

The weather was so nice this weekend (almost 80 degrees on Saturday!), so we spent the whole weekend working on our garden. We started digging this thing up the weekend before our bathtub broke. Needless to say, having a functioning shower was much more important than getting the veg garden going...and not too much got accomplished after that first weekend. But now that the bathroom is essentially done and the weather is warming up...veg on!

We had quite the assembly line going for this - Karl digs up the sod and piles it on my workstation, then I use a little hoe and knock off as much dirt as possible while filtering out as many of the rocks as I can catch. Then I dump off the dirt into a big pile so that Henry can stand on it and pretend that he's king of the world. :)

Once we got a nice section dug up, we laid down a layer of fine galvanized mesh to discourage our friend the mole, piled the dirt back on (while mixing in compost), and then I spent some time arranging the rocks to make a nice border. So far all of the rocks that we've used have come from the yard as we've been digging. I think we'll for sure have to buy some gravel and some more rocks, but it's nice to be able to recycle what we can!

We are about halfway done with the digging/mesh laying/compost mixing. The finished product will be an L-shaped garden in the lower section of our backyard, and it's going to be so cute!

Now I just need to figure out a way to keep Henry from jumping off the rock wall right in to the garden...


cutie pie

Our reclusive little Hobbes, being extra cute for me after work today.


So over it!

How appropriate that we saw this on the way to brunch with some friends today?

Looks like somebody got fed up with their monitor! (that's not our house, by the way....it's some random house in Wallingford that we parked by on the way to brunch!)

After brunch, we stopped by the Sprint store and finally (FINALLY!) replaced our cell phones! I can't even tell you how nice it is to have fully functioning phones again (our phones have been dying a slow and painful death for several months now).

Here's a blurry photo of the new phones (the green one is mine). I was too lazy to re-shoot for a non-blurry photo. :)

Alright, it's off to play with my new toy. Happy Sunday!

Earth Hour

Last weekend, we participated in Earth Hour. We unplugged everything for about an hour and a half and enjoyed a candle lit game of dominoes.

We liked it so much that I think we're going to make Earth Hour a monthly occasion! And for Earth Day (April 22)this year, we're going to be unplugged for an entire day. Since the 22 falls on a Tuesday and we have to go to work (and thus, drive and consume energy), we're going to recognize it the Sunday prior.

Little things....if enough people do the little things, it all adds up to one big difference!