I (heart) this face

When I'm feeling down about a myriad of things, one look at this smooshy little face is all it takes to perk me up. Thanks Cooper, you've got just what I need! :)


jinx, you owe me a coke!

So much for the whole "spring has sprung" thing....it's been snowing for the last few hours! No accumulation, but still!


the tax man cometh

I just did our 2007 taxes, and unfortunately I mistakenly made a few assumptions when estimating what our withholdings should be last year.....and now we owe the tax man a big ole chunk of change.

Guess it's beans and rice for us for a while. But on the bright side, we should be able to tighten our belts literally and figuratively by paring down on our unnecessary spending (eating out being our main offense on both fronts).

Oh well...even accountants make mistakes! :)


Almost there!

Karl deserves a distinguished service award after this weekend! He took the bull by the horns and got the remaining tiles up all on his own (I guess I helped a little by running errands and writing down his measurements, and of course...I cooked him a lot of comfort food too).

Anyway, last weekend Karl got the lower part of the tiles grouted and caulked, and then this weekend he got the top two rows cut and installed. And it looks fabulous. I love it!

And see that curved shower curtain rod? You were so right, Carrie....100% worth it. :)

Happy Easter!


Spring has sprung

A few days late for the equinox, but spring has definitely sprung in our yard!

Have a Happy Easter this weekend!


All about bathroom

I'm kind of boring right now - my life is all about our bathroom, the garden and work at the moment. Sorry!

My dad and Barb came up this past weekend, and we are so in their debt. We got the backer board and Red Guard (a waterproofing goo that's bright pink and quite stinky) up on Saturday, then got most of the tile up on Sunday. We still have 2 rows of tiles to put up at the top, a few small pieces to cut for the sides of the tub, and then the grouting before it's all done.

But so far, I'm loving it! The guys even built a soap dish in the wall - it took a few extra hours of work, but I think it was so worth it!

In addition to the tile work, we also got the kitchen ceiling painted white and made a little bit more progress on getting the veg garden ready. I'm officially overdue for planting the cauliflower, lettuce and beets....we'd better get moving!

Due to the space limitations in our small bathroom, the guys did most of the work in there. As a result, I felt extra pressure to put good meals on the table. I think I accomplished that goal...hopefully they agreed!

Thanks so much, Dad and Barb, for coming up and helping us. You were a lifesaver!! I'm sorry you couldn't take a shower while you were here!



Thanks, Dad....your suggestion worked! Who knew that they make screw-on caps for pipes? Well, probably everybody but us actually, but now we're in the know and we've got our shower back. Ahhh, big (clean) sigh of relief.

And it's so spacious in there, especially with all of the exposed studs (covered with plastic, of course). You could practically get lost! :)


The benefits of washing my hair in the kitchen sink...

When this...

...is your temporary shower/tub "faucet", you forget about all of the completely minor details like...oh, I don't know, actually turning on the shower, until hours after the plumber has left. If there is just a pipe sticking out of the wall, how do I pull the tab to turn on the shower?? So now I'm stuck with taking a bath in the tub and then washing my hair in the kitchen sink until we tile in the shower and get the shower trim back on. Fabulous.

What are the benefits of this? Well, for starters...I'm forced to do the dishes every day whether I feel like it or not. And secondly, I'll appreciate our shower that much more when I finally have it back. And thirdly, well there is no thirdly. I can't think of a single other benefit to this situation. I can think of an awful lot of downsides to it...but I won't go there today!

You know what doesn't work as a shower switch? This...

...But don't think I didn't try it! :)

So Dad, when are you coming up here? I'll even get you a first class seat, if it's available! Pretty please with sugar on top, will you come up and help us tile this sucker in so I can return to a sense of normalcy???


Hmmm, random

Cooper, thankful that sunny days are finally here again:

Oh Martha, you've done it again!

Our only bathroom, torn unexpectedly apart:

Sending Rocky big (HUGE) get well soon vibes...