Opinions, please!

Meet my kitchen window:

It's pretty naked, don't you think? I want curtains on this window...but I'm not sure what type of curtain to make or with what fabric. Here are my top 3 fabric choices...opinions??

Now, here's the other dilemma:

I'd like to give us some evening privacy by putting curtains on the kitchen window and the French doors....but since they are so close to each other, do I need to use the same fabric on both curtains? And what type of curtains can I put on the doors so that (a) we (and the animals) can still take advantage of the view and (b) the curtains won't get destroyed by the kitties trying to get an up close and personal view of the birds on the feeders?

And the color of the kitchen/kitchen ceiling...oy! It's still the original color, and I just can't make up my mind about how I want us to paint this room! I like the gray of the dining area, but I want to do something slightly different for the kitchen. I'm not sure why I'm struggling with this so much!


Carrie said...

I like all of those fabrics (esp. the middle one), but I'm not sure how they'll work with the yellow walls. Kitchen color is hard--yellow is a great kitchen color, but hard to coordinate with.

I don't think that you have to get all matchy-matchy with the window and french doors, but curtains on french doors tend to be secured at the top and bottom so that they don't get caught in the door. That will block the view. Maybe something sheer?

philnjill said...

Well, you know Jill and I are about the last humans to give color advice. However, I do have an idea to consider for the door.

You only need HALF or three-quarters of it covered. Unless someone is in your backyard, you don't need the lower portion covered to give privacy. Not sure how it would look, but it would solve the dog issue.

Something to ponder about.

Anonymous said...

I looove color, but really like that middle black & white fabric. A lot. Great taste, you have ;)

Anonymous said...


To make your window look "finished" it needs white trim around it, like your French doors! This will brighten them up :)

Next step: a valence and short curtains to tie off to the side. The black and white patterned material is suitable for every month of the year.

No need to put this same fabric on the French doors: a sheer white curtain attached top and bottom will do quite nicely.

If you want something snag proof for the kitty...try white faux wood horizontal blinds! Stay away from the shiny plastic or metal ones, they give too much of an office feel.

Good luck!