It's hard to believe...

One year ago:


One year ago, we were just getting home from Tacoma and introducing Henry to our house and our lives. He was so tiny that we could feed the cats on the futon mattress without worry of him being able to jump up and steal their food. He was barely bigger than a can of soda!

And today, he's just about 14 pounds and he's a pro-jumper. He likes to cuddle under the blankets at night and sleep in in the morning, and he looooves to chase the cats up and down the hall. He's such a great pup!

To celebrate, I made a dog blanket. :) It's not entirely for the pup though, it's so cozy that we like to use it for ourselves.

Made with cuddly brown fleece on one side and a patchwork of flannel on the other. I still need to do a little quilting to it, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! It's bright and colorful, just like the pup. :)

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