Go Hawks!

We went to the Seahawks game today! I was offered the tickets late yesterday, and even though we aren't huge professional football fans....my answer was a resounding yes!

This was Karl's first NFL game, and my second. We had amazing seats, and the game was so fun! Cold, but fun! We were in the midst of some REALLY dedicated fans, so that made the whole experience even more fun. Especially the last half of the 4th quarter!

Plus, as an added side bonus, we got about 4 miles of walking in because we are too frugal to pay $45 for event parking and we parked way down on 1st Ave were it was only $10. :)

Go Hawks!

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Carrie said...

Dude--$45 is crazy!!!!! I wish that I had gotten game tickets, although then it would have been tough to work on my Seahawks Socks.