Opinions, please!

Meet my kitchen window:

It's pretty naked, don't you think? I want curtains on this window...but I'm not sure what type of curtain to make or with what fabric. Here are my top 3 fabric choices...opinions??

Now, here's the other dilemma:

I'd like to give us some evening privacy by putting curtains on the kitchen window and the French doors....but since they are so close to each other, do I need to use the same fabric on both curtains? And what type of curtains can I put on the doors so that (a) we (and the animals) can still take advantage of the view and (b) the curtains won't get destroyed by the kitties trying to get an up close and personal view of the birds on the feeders?

And the color of the kitchen/kitchen ceiling...oy! It's still the original color, and I just can't make up my mind about how I want us to paint this room! I like the gray of the dining area, but I want to do something slightly different for the kitchen. I'm not sure why I'm struggling with this so much!


Welcome, Griffin!

A few weeks ago, our friends Dan and Leslie had their second son....Griffin Jameson! Touchdown! :)

He looks just like his big brother did when he was born! Part of our birth day gifts for him included a batch of the ever-popular burp cloths, as well as a simple swaddling/receiving blanket.

These burp cloths are so super easy to make, and everyone reports back that they are very useful as well. An easy and cute gift to make...right up my alley!

Welcome to the world, Griffin!


It's hard to believe...

One year ago:


One year ago, we were just getting home from Tacoma and introducing Henry to our house and our lives. He was so tiny that we could feed the cats on the futon mattress without worry of him being able to jump up and steal their food. He was barely bigger than a can of soda!

And today, he's just about 14 pounds and he's a pro-jumper. He likes to cuddle under the blankets at night and sleep in in the morning, and he looooves to chase the cats up and down the hall. He's such a great pup!

To celebrate, I made a dog blanket. :) It's not entirely for the pup though, it's so cozy that we like to use it for ourselves.

Made with cuddly brown fleece on one side and a patchwork of flannel on the other. I still need to do a little quilting to it, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! It's bright and colorful, just like the pup. :)


Handmade Holidays recap

Okay, now that all of the gifts have been given...I can share pictures! (actually, there are 2 other gifts still not received....so no pictures of those)

While I didn’t take the pledge, I did end up making quite a few handmade gifts this Christmas...

Gifts made by me:

:: 2 patchwork scarves, using a variety of fabrics and a chocolate brown micro-suede as the backing. Finished sizes were roughly 5 ½ in by 60 in.

:: 2 sets of green and blue tea towels and 2 sets of red and green tea towels. Patchwork tea towels may just be my new favorite homemade gift to give. So easy, and so cute! Inspired by this tutorial.

:: 2 aprons...and now I’m torn between aprons and tea towels as my favorite gift to give. :) These aren’t quite as easy as the towels, but I just love picking out the fabrics and seeing the finished product come together. Made using my favorite pattern from this set.

:: 1 super-large tote, using some accent fabric that my mom sent me back in the summer. This bag turned out quite a bit bigger than I intended...I hope you still like it, Mom! I really like a few of the finishing touches that I added to this one – top-stitched corners and snaps to help hold the boxy shape, exterior pockets between the straps and a matching covered button closure. Loosely based off a pattern from this set.

:: Dip mix duos (no photos though) – Mediterranean and Bloody Mary dip mixes...just add sour cream! Got the recipes from Sunset magazine, and some sweet little containers from The Container Store. My new little mini food processor sure came in handy for chopping up those dried tomatoes!

:: Lots of homemade cookies – my friend Leslie and I have an annual Christmas cookie day, and then we make up plates for coworkers, neighbors and friends. No pictures to share of this year’s cookies, but they were well-received as always!

Gifts made by someone else, but still handmade:

:: Beautiful sewing-themed photo from Sam Lamb. The quality of this print is superb, and I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. Got a similar, but different, image for myself, and can’t wait to show it off once I get it framed. Sam was so great to work with! Responded really quickly, answered my many questions, sent the package right away, reasonable prices. I’ll definitely be ordering more from her in the future!

:: Handmade soaps. These smell so heavenly!

:: Notecards made from vintage wallpaper. Such a great concept!

:: A little purse made with wool suiting fabric and accent fabric imported from Japan. The soaps, notecards and purse were all picked up from local artists at the Queen Anne Trunk Show a while back. I love supporting local artists!

So there you have it...my handmade holidays 2007. Hopefully there will be even more for 2008!


rest in peace, old girl

Shelby passed away today at the ripe old age of 15. :(


Go Hawks!

We went to the Seahawks game today! I was offered the tickets late yesterday, and even though we aren't huge professional football fans....my answer was a resounding yes!

This was Karl's first NFL game, and my second. We had amazing seats, and the game was so fun! Cold, but fun! We were in the midst of some REALLY dedicated fans, so that made the whole experience even more fun. Especially the last half of the 4th quarter!

Plus, as an added side bonus, we got about 4 miles of walking in because we are too frugal to pay $45 for event parking and we parked way down on 1st Ave were it was only $10. :)

Go Hawks!