Happy 2008!

Happy New Year's Eve!

Let's see, how about a quick check-in on my goals that I set a year ago?

The house is more unpacked and organized, but it's not exactly simplified and we've still got quite a ways to go. But, some progress was made (many thanks to my hubby, who helped out with that goal over the weekend by unpacking a bunch of books and arranging them on the bookshelves in our red room!).

I did learn a bit more about photography, as seen here and here. I just love me some close-ups! I can't wait to learn even more in 2008, and maybe I'll even finally get my dSLR that I've been longing for. :)

I definitely sewed more, but didn't really scrap more. I've kind of fallen off the scrapbooking wagon, and I'm not sure if/when I'll get back on. It's a great hobby and expression of art, but I'm just not into it now. But sewing? Oh yeah, bring it. (a sewing-heavy wrap-up of my handmade holidays is coming up, just as soon as a few more gifts are received)

Be more active....check. I haven't blogged about it yet, but Karl and I joined the gym a little over a week ago. It's kicking my tail big time, but in a good way. We took our first yoga class this past weekend, and Oh. My. Goodness. I'm still sore! I lost 1.0 pound during our first week of seriously working out, and Karl lost 1.5. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Make more meals at home...definitely accomplished this goal. 2007 taught me that I really love to cook, and that every once in a while I'm pretty good at it too! :) Granted, there are still plenty of days where I don't feel like tackling the never-ending mountain of dishes (how do 2 people produce so many dishes??) and we end up grabbing take-out. But those days don't happen as often as they used to, so that's a good thing!

What are my goals for 2008? Let's see...

* Grow a vegetable garden and learn how to can fruits & veggies

* Reach my weight loss goals in a sustainable fashion, and help Karl do the same

* Sew a quilt

* Enjoy the great outdoors (which will be much easier thanks to our sweet Christmas gift from Susan and Rocky!)

* Make our house more energy-efficient by increasing the insulation and weatherizing (is that even a word?) the doors and windows

* Finish off the red room to make it a usable space

* Travel more

* Continue working on my 2007 goals

Here's wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy 2008. May you reach all of your goals and then some.

(We gave Henry a haircut a week or so ago, and he's so soft and cuddly now. The only downside is that his cute little curls on top of his head are so much shorter...but he's still so darn cute. I just can't get enough of the little guy.)


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