Can't blog, too close to Christmas...

Remember last year, when I said that I wasn't going to stress myself out by waiting until the last minute to make homemade Christmas gifts? Yeah, who was I kidding? I always wait until the last minute!

It's just so hard for me to not give handmade gifts for the holidays, because I really believe that handmade is the best and most thoughtful way to go. Next year, I may even take the pledge. This year, however, I'm just making as much as I can. Hence, the quiet blog. Still haven't gotten that zipper figured out though, so I'm moving on to Plan B.

Cooper, as you can see, is totally bored by it all.

As soon as he gets up from his nap, I'll be able to cross 2 more gifts off my list. :)

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

laura, you are so talented and creative that i'm sure your loved ones don't mind waiting for your wonderful handmade gifts (even past christmas), so try not to stress. ~julie

Carrie said...

I love (the non-militant) part of the Pledge, but my brother really wanted Guitar Hero II and he got totally shafted in last year's gift exchange. I can make a lot of things, but I can't make Guitar Hero II!