Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

Today, our little Henry turns ONE! So to commemorate this momentous occasion, here is a video featuring our favorite tricks. :)

We've had such a great time since the Henster came into our lives. Such a fun little pup. We love how cuddly he gets at night, how he'll happily nap away with us as late as we want on the weekends, how excited he gets when we come home from work and how cute his curly little tail is when it's wagging away.

Sure, there are a few things I wish he'd pick up on faster...maybe not barking at the neighbor's dog so much, being better about being off his leash and not running away and not attacking Hobbes so much. But hey, even at 1 yr old he's still very much a puppy. And he is well-loved for sure!

Some of you know the story of another little fuzzy-faced dog that we attempted to adopt from a shelter in Yakima before we got Henry. The woman with the dog was a complete and utter loony, and refused to even consider us for adoption because we both work full time and were therefore rendered completely unworthy of being a competent parent to a dog. I won't get into all the details, but suffice it to say that I was so mad at this woman for how unprofessional, how unspeakably rude she was to us that I tried to find the executive director of her shelter to give them an earful (oh and what an earful it would have been!). As it turns out, she was an independent person running a shelter out of her own home...so there was nobody else to complain to.

Anyway...the point of all that rambling is this: the woman at that shelter was off her rocker, but in a way I'm glad that it happened the way it did(although I sure hope that fuzzy-faced pup found a good home) because it allowed Henry to come into our lives at just the right time (that, and a wonderful leap of faith from Cheri....thanks, Cheri!). Henry completes our little family, and we love him to bits.

Click here to see more photos. :)

Happy 1st Birthday, Henry!!

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