before and after, home edition

Honey, what’s that weird noise coming from the laundry room?

Uh oh, our washer is broken! Since the dryer is at least twice as old as the washer, I’m sure its days are numbered as well. Let’s go ahead and go shopping for the new high-efficiency front-loader set that we’ve been talking about (after we take the cold, soapy, soaking wet clothes out of the broken washer, that is).

What the heck, let’s get the stackable set so that we can eventually remodel our laundry room to expand the little 1/4 bath that’s in there now.

Great idea! Guess that means we’ll have to pull down the cabinet that’s over the old washer/dryer set to make room for the stackables.

What the….?

Umm, is there supposed to be drywall behind cabinets? Because, well, there isn’t any. Perhaps this is why the laundry room gets so crazy cold when the outside temperature drops!

Okay, we've got 2 days until the new washer/dryer gets delivered. Time for a lightning round home improvement project!

Ahhh...much better! Thanks, Dad, for all of your help!

And...scene. :)

As a side note, I must admit that I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach at the thought of spending so much money (we were planning on getting a new washer/dryer eventually….just not now, right before a big vacation and the holidays). But now that the new set has been delivered, installed and used a bit…I am in LOVE with them! I did three loads of laundry the first night! :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! They are gorgeous! That is SO bound to happen to us one of these days. And I don't know who will be more excited to have new ones ... me or my mom when she visits (I always have to hear about how ugly ours are)!

philnjill said...

Buy the extended warranty, if you can. We did and since our washer just went out after being only three years old, I'm quite glad it's still under warranty!