one fear conquered...

...one to go!

You were totally right, Carrie....super simple!

Now I just have to get a zipper foot.


Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

Today, our little Henry turns ONE! So to commemorate this momentous occasion, here is a video featuring our favorite tricks. :)

We've had such a great time since the Henster came into our lives. Such a fun little pup. We love how cuddly he gets at night, how he'll happily nap away with us as late as we want on the weekends, how excited he gets when we come home from work and how cute his curly little tail is when it's wagging away.

Sure, there are a few things I wish he'd pick up on faster...maybe not barking at the neighbor's dog so much, being better about being off his leash and not running away and not attacking Hobbes so much. But hey, even at 1 yr old he's still very much a puppy. And he is well-loved for sure!

Some of you know the story of another little fuzzy-faced dog that we attempted to adopt from a shelter in Yakima before we got Henry. The woman with the dog was a complete and utter loony, and refused to even consider us for adoption because we both work full time and were therefore rendered completely unworthy of being a competent parent to a dog. I won't get into all the details, but suffice it to say that I was so mad at this woman for how unprofessional, how unspeakably rude she was to us that I tried to find the executive director of her shelter to give them an earful (oh and what an earful it would have been!). As it turns out, she was an independent person running a shelter out of her own home...so there was nobody else to complain to.

Anyway...the point of all that rambling is this: the woman at that shelter was off her rocker, but in a way I'm glad that it happened the way it did(although I sure hope that fuzzy-faced pup found a good home) because it allowed Henry to come into our lives at just the right time (that, and a wonderful leap of faith from Cheri....thanks, Cheri!). Henry completes our little family, and we love him to bits.

Click here to see more photos. :)

Happy 1st Birthday, Henry!!



Aloha! Just got back from a lovely little trip to my favorite Hawaiian island...Kauai! Here is a summary of our trip, in photos.






There are a few others that I'd like to share, but I'll have to split those up into a later post since this one is already so photo-heavy. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Birthday Boy

Happy 33rd, Karl!


From the very first moment I saw you
That's when I knew
All the dreams I held in my heart
Had suddenly come true
Knock me over stone cold sober
Not a think I could say or do
'Cos baby when I'm walking with you now
My eyes are so wide
Like you reached right into my head
And turned on the light inside
Turning on the light
Inside my mind hey

Come on baby it's all right
Sunday Monday day or night
Written blue on white it's plain to see
That rainy shiny night or day
What's the difference anyway
Baby till your heart belongs to me

If I had some influence baby
With the powers that be
I'd have them fire that arrow at you
Like they fired it right at me
And maybe when your heart and soul are burning
You might see
That everytime I'm talking with you
It's always over too soon
That everyday feels so incomplete
Till you walk into the room
Say the word and I'll go
I'll jump that moon hey

Come on baby it's OK
Rainy shiny night or day
There's nothing in the way now
Don't you see
Winter summer day or night
Centigrade of Fahrenheit
Baby till your heart belongs to me
Thursday Friday short or long
When you got a love so strong
How can it be wrong now mercy me
Jumpin' Jesus holy cow!
What's the difference anyhow
Baby till your heart belongs to me

--Be Mine, David Gray


I couldn't have said it better myself. :)


UFO sighting

Unfinished objects, that is.

This morning I decided that since we got an extra hour with daylight savings time, I would take the extra hour and turn some of my UFOs into FOs (finished objects).

First up, a new bag for me. Karl brought home Amy Butler's Sew-It Kit for me a few weeks back (what a sweetie, right?!). I loved several of the projects (even though quite a few are repeats from her In Stitches book), and decided to make her market tote first.

After finishing it, I realized that I sewed the main body together sideways (it was supposed to be wider than it is tall...oh well!). I made a few slight modifications to the pattern: used heavy duty canvas as an interfacing, added some interior pockets and made a covered button and loop closure. Next time, I think I'll add an exterior pocket between the straps.

This is one big bag. To give a bit of perspective, here's an action shot:

Next up was a gift for Karl's boss, who is expecting his first child any day now. A set of 4 burp cloths, roughly 10 in by 18 in, with terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other. Super simple!

Then I moved on to a baby blanket that has been giving me pause for a while now. It's for Melissa's first niece. Lesson learned from this project? I don't like working with stretchy fabric like chenille (which is what I used on the back of this blanket)! Actually, I learned this lesson before with minkee...but it's so soft and cuddly that I keep trying again! This turned out a bit puffy, but I hope the recipient likes it anyway!

Ahh, much better when it's all folded up! :)

Finally (FINALLY!), I finished up a Christmas gift from last year...my final set of place mats. I really struggled with finishing this project, because so many things went wrong with it. It ended up being a little too small for a full place setting, I couldn't quilt straight lines for the life of me and I wasn't entirely sure what to do with the white squares in the middle (which was my inspiration fabric). Again, hopefully the recipient likes it! As Karl often tells me, I'm very hard on myself when it comes to things that I make...

Happy Sunday, all! I'm off to work on another sewing project (I'm on a roll!)...and maybe I'll have a glass of wine while I'm at it. :)

(please excuse my poor photos today...with the exception of one, they were all taken inside in poor light...but I knew that I needed to photograph everything today or else I'd probably slack off in posting)


before and after, home edition

Honey, what’s that weird noise coming from the laundry room?

Uh oh, our washer is broken! Since the dryer is at least twice as old as the washer, I’m sure its days are numbered as well. Let’s go ahead and go shopping for the new high-efficiency front-loader set that we’ve been talking about (after we take the cold, soapy, soaking wet clothes out of the broken washer, that is).

What the heck, let’s get the stackable set so that we can eventually remodel our laundry room to expand the little 1/4 bath that’s in there now.

Great idea! Guess that means we’ll have to pull down the cabinet that’s over the old washer/dryer set to make room for the stackables.

What the….?

Umm, is there supposed to be drywall behind cabinets? Because, well, there isn’t any. Perhaps this is why the laundry room gets so crazy cold when the outside temperature drops!

Okay, we've got 2 days until the new washer/dryer gets delivered. Time for a lightning round home improvement project!

Ahhh...much better! Thanks, Dad, for all of your help!

And...scene. :)

As a side note, I must admit that I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach at the thought of spending so much money (we were planning on getting a new washer/dryer eventually….just not now, right before a big vacation and the holidays). But now that the new set has been delivered, installed and used a bit…I am in LOVE with them! I did three loads of laundry the first night! :)