Happy Halloween!!

No cool pumpkins this year, but a super spooky mantel and some fun window decals will do the trick. :)

I've got a 'horror' story to share, but I'm not quite ready yet. Stay tuned (said in my spookiest voice)...

Happy Halloween!!


11 months old

How can I sew when I've got this adorable face looking at me? Resistance is futile...


before and after

Henry got a haircut!

Happy Sunday!

that is sooo domestic...

...but I love it! :)

I made the apron from In Stitches yesterday, and I'm so enamored with the way it turned out! It was my first Amy Butler pattern, and I was nervous because I've heard that her patterns are sometimes hard to understand. I had to re-read the instructions several times, I thought the pocket construction seemed a bit overly complicated and I would probably re-think a few of the measurements to be a little more practical (a bit wider and a bit shorter)...but on the other hand, Amy Butler's way of attaching the ties and waistband was pretty ingenious. I will definitely be making more of these!

See that bowl I'm holding? It's full of Chililicious, and holy moly is it good. I've been meaning to try this recipe for about 6 months, and now I'm wishing I would have tried it sooner! I let it simmer away yesterday while I made the apron, and it made for the perfect end to a day of sewing. Yummy!



We're in the midst of a windy evening here in the Emerald City (although not nearly as bad as last year's storm!), so while I go chase our patio furniture around the yard, I'll leave you with a few pics of two of our furbabies.

The pics are from the end of August, but I'm just now getting around to posting them. If I showed you a picture of Henry today, you'd see nothing but a big fluffball...he needs a haircut something fierce!


last weekend, we...

:: Went on a quick getaway with some friends ::

:: Got our exercise in at the zoo! ::

:: Saw a whole bunch of animals, but had to skip the big cats due to time constraints (sorry, hon...next time, I promise!) ::

:: Had complimentary champagne with our Mexican breakfast in Old Town ::

:: Showed off Karl’s super cool new glasses ::

:: Splashed in the beach off Coronodo Island ::

:: Had a lovely weekend, indeed. ::


Here comes the hotstepper

So today is October 1....did we meet our goal???

Well, we missed 2 nights - one was when my dad and Barb made an impromptu visit up here the weekend before last and we were too busy cleaning up the house to walk. The other was last night (the last day of the month...the horror!), and it was just raining so hard that we couldn't make ourselves do it.

But still, I'm pretty happy! We didn't lose any weight during this past month, but we both feel better for having done it. And we're keeping it up, too! Tonight we did a power walk because I got stuck in traffic on my way home and it was getting dark fast. Luckily, we had these:

Karl's parents sent us these nifty little LED lights, and I clip mine around my wrist so that drivers can see us better. They certainly come in handy since we don't have too many sidewalks around our neighborhood. Thanks, Susan and Rocky!

I got Amy Butler's In Stitches book a few weeks ago, and I'm so excited to work on some of the projects! I've got the pieces cut out for an apron, and I can't wait to show you the pictures when I get it done!!

Aren't these flowers pretty?

I love that Karl works so close to the Market! :)