quick update

Well, we're sticking to our goal and have been walking every day without fail...32 miles done so far this month! I'm sore and achy, and some days it's difficult to get the motivation to keep it up...especially when I haven't lost ANY weight yet and it was cold and rainy yesterday. But then I think of your sweet comments and how badly I want this, so I just lace up the shoes and get out there and do it. Poor Henry was a cold mess after our walk yesterday - perhaps we should get him a sweater so he can continue to walk with us even as it gets colder.

I want to say a special thanks to Julie, who has been my personal cheerleader this past week. It's too bad you live all the way in Colorado, girlie!!

So that's the update on our September goal. We are walking fools, and plan to continue on even though the forecast calls for rain this whole week. We live in Seattle...what more could we expect?!


Carrie said...

At least it cleared up today!!! Poor Henry, though--he sure would look cute in a sweater, if you can get him to wear it!

philnjill said...

Good for you!