now THAT'S what I call free range!

On Saturday we drove up north to Sedro Wooley and visited the Skagit River Ranch. It was so much fun! The lady who runs the little farm store gave us all sorts of food to sample, then she told us to feel free to roam around the farm as much as we wanted. Her only rule was that if we walked through a gate or fence that we closed it behind us. Easy enough!

You know how much I love roosters...I was in hog heaven here with all the pretty roosters roaming around. This kind fellow acted as our tour guide:

We followed (chased) him around to get some pictures, and then stopped to say hello to a friendly tail-wagging goat:

Mr. Goat led us to a camera-shy horse:

And then we walked down to the river and back up to the main road where this great fence was bordering the property:

We picked up some hamburger, pot roast, stir-fry beef, fryer chicken, bacon, chorizo, eggs and cheese. It was so nice to be able to see that these animals truly are free range (they've got huge fields to roam in), and we loved that they encouraged us to walk around the farm! It was loads of fun, and we'll definitely be getting most (if not all) of our meat there from now on.

Once we left the farm, we stopped at a few antique stores and then had lunch at a fun pub in Mount Vernon. The Porterhouse Pub had great food (we split a black bean quesadilla and a grilled steak sandwich) and great service (and a fun boxing game) - we'd definitely go there again! And we were told that next time we should get to Mount Vernon a little earlier so we can try the Swedish pancakes at the farmer's market...I'm all over that!

Happy Labor Day!

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