Awesome, awesome movie

Karl and I were lucky enough to be invited to a pre-screening of the movie Into the Wild last night.

It was so, so, so good. I hadn't really seen any advertising for it and had no real idea of what to expect. I was so pleasantly surprised!

Here's a brief synopsis, in case you haven't seen any previews either: In 1990, after graduating from Emory Univ with honors, 22-yr-old Christopher McCandless gave his entire $24K life savings to charity and abandoned modern life as we know it in search of a more Tolstoyan existence. His journey took him all over the US, and ultimately up to Alaska where he went "into the wild" on the final leg of his epic journey. It's based on a true story and the film was adapted from John Krakauer's bestselling novel of the same name.

It was a very powerful movie, and I have a feeling it will get some Academy attention this year. Go see it if you have a chance! I don't think you'll regret it....and it's nice to support a fabulous indie film!


Happy (day after your) Birthday, Philip!

So sorry I didn't get this posted last night, but Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother! I spent the evening digging around for a *fabulous* photo to post in honor of you (you know the one, Mr. Curly Hair and Short Shirt)....but birthday luck was on your side and I couldn't find it.

I hope you had a fabulous day and didn't have to work too much! We love you!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Philip!
Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Anniversary, Karl!

How funny that the modern gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary is the same as the traditional gift for the 20th anniversary...china!

2 years ago today, my dad walked me down the “aisle” of his backyard to the music of Pachelbel so that Karl and I could pledge our love and devotion to each other surrounded by our closest friends and family.

The weather was perfect and my guy looked mighty fine in his tux. Our friend Megan sang so beautifully that she reduced everyone to a puddle of tears right off the bat, and I got so choked up during our vows that I had to cut mine a few words short. The chocolate covered strawberries were delish, the wine was superb and the laughter of our friends and family carried us through the whole enchanted evening. It was emotional and fun and exciting and laid-back all at the same time…exactly what I envisioned.

Happy anniversary, honey. I love you and I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for us. Here’s to many, many more anniversaries together!

quick update

Well, we're sticking to our goal and have been walking every day without fail...32 miles done so far this month! I'm sore and achy, and some days it's difficult to get the motivation to keep it up...especially when I haven't lost ANY weight yet and it was cold and rainy yesterday. But then I think of your sweet comments and how badly I want this, so I just lace up the shoes and get out there and do it. Poor Henry was a cold mess after our walk yesterday - perhaps we should get him a sweater so he can continue to walk with us even as it gets colder.

I want to say a special thanks to Julie, who has been my personal cheerleader this past week. It's too bad you live all the way in Colorado, girlie!!

So that's the update on our September goal. We are walking fools, and plan to continue on even though the forecast calls for rain this whole week. We live in Seattle...what more could we expect?!


time to face the music

Karl and I have set a goal during the month of September to go on a walk every day. Because, let's face it, we've gained a lot of weight over the years and there isn't going to be any magic potion that suddenly gives us the metabolism of our youth (oh how I wish!). So far we've stuck to it, and we've walked about 2 miles each evening (and our aching backs and legs are telling us that this is long overdue). I've heard that it takes 30 days to form a habit, so I'm really hoping that by the end of this month we are in full-on fitness mode and are seeing some results.

So I'm committed to walking every day, and when that gets easy I'll add in another layer of exercise. And we're cooking healthier, too. We've actually been doing that for a while now, so at least we're already in the habit of eating (mostly) healthier meals.

Besides the obvious health benefits of losing weight, I want to be happy (again) with what I see when I look in the mirror. I want to smile more and feel comfortable in my skin. I want to have more energy. I want people to stop wondering if I'm pregnant or if I've just gained weight (that gets old REAL quick, btw). I want to feel and look good again, darn it!

And I want to get there before I turn 30. So that means that I've got 225 days to reach my goal. To help keep me accountable, I'm going to keep a public record of my journey here on this blog. I've also made myself a journal so I can write out some more personal thoughts and track my progress.

And...I've collected a whole bunch of quotes about perseverance to try and keep me motivated. Because you know I love a good quote! :)

The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that must precede the victory.--Ted W. Engstrom

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking. ~Buddhist Saying

Here's to persevering through the pain! :)


now THAT'S what I call free range!

On Saturday we drove up north to Sedro Wooley and visited the Skagit River Ranch. It was so much fun! The lady who runs the little farm store gave us all sorts of food to sample, then she told us to feel free to roam around the farm as much as we wanted. Her only rule was that if we walked through a gate or fence that we closed it behind us. Easy enough!

You know how much I love roosters...I was in hog heaven here with all the pretty roosters roaming around. This kind fellow acted as our tour guide:

We followed (chased) him around to get some pictures, and then stopped to say hello to a friendly tail-wagging goat:

Mr. Goat led us to a camera-shy horse:

And then we walked down to the river and back up to the main road where this great fence was bordering the property:

We picked up some hamburger, pot roast, stir-fry beef, fryer chicken, bacon, chorizo, eggs and cheese. It was so nice to be able to see that these animals truly are free range (they've got huge fields to roam in), and we loved that they encouraged us to walk around the farm! It was loads of fun, and we'll definitely be getting most (if not all) of our meat there from now on.

Once we left the farm, we stopped at a few antique stores and then had lunch at a fun pub in Mount Vernon. The Porterhouse Pub had great food (we split a black bean quesadilla and a grilled steak sandwich) and great service (and a fun boxing game) - we'd definitely go there again! And we were told that next time we should get to Mount Vernon a little earlier so we can try the Swedish pancakes at the farmer's market...I'm all over that!

Happy Labor Day!