This may look like ham, but it tastes like heaven!

This past weekend, Karl and I took Henry up to Vancouver Island for a little camping trip.

Originally our party was supposed to include 2 other couples and 1 little boy, but work schedules and the weather forecast caused everyone else to back out of the trip. We were not to be deterred though, and forged on ahead by ourselves!

Despite the ominous clouds on the ferry ride…

…Henry was still excited to be going camping again (and so were we!).

We came prepared with extra tarps and our pop-up canopy, since the forecast called for lots of rain. It really only rained for about 75% of the time we were there, and it wasn’t too bad since it wasn’t windy.

We made true campfire food – chicken and veggies in tin foil packets (that we charred to an almost unrecognizable state….oops!), campfire hash made with kielbasa and potatoes, beef stew cooked on the fire and Karl’s signature eggs in a basket every morning for breakfast (along with a good and steaming cup of coffee to warm us up). Except for the chicken fiasco, the food was all really good…but not too photogenic, so I have no photos to share of that. Part of what made it not very photogenic was that I accidentally got baby red potatoes instead of baking potatoes…and they looked like ham once they’d been peeled and cubed (which kind of grossed me out, if you want to know the truth). Hence, the title of this post (a gem of a quote that Karl made after eating our campfire hash straight from the pot).

We stayed next to a beautiful lake.

Henry was curious about this log that separated the swimming area from the boating area.

He walked all the way out to where the log sunk into the water and he never fell or acted nervous…what a brave and well-balanced little dude!

We came across a cool little boat during one of our walks.

At night we snuggled up by the campfire under the camping quilt that I made!

I’ve had the idea for this blanket in my head for a long time – I wanted something cozy and hand-made for our camping/beach/outdoor concert-type activities. Since the quilt was bound to get dirty and mucked up from being used outdoors, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on nice fabrics for it…and so I scoured a few thrift stores and found a lovely full-sized bed sheet for the backing and then some pillow cases and curtains for parts of the front. I supplemented with some not-likely-to-be-used-otherwise fabric from my stash, and created the log cabin blocks (which happens to be one of my favorite block types). Then I bought some inexpensive pre-quilted ivory fabric from JoAnns, along with some pre-made binding, and I whipped this sucker out in no time! I zig-zagged the binding on and did minimal quilting.

It’s far (far, far, far) from perfect, but I love it! And it’s so large that all 3 of us (Karl, Henry and myself) fit comfortably under it (or over it, in Henry’s case).

Overall Henry did exceptionally well while camping, only barking at a few of our fellow campers. (looking at these pictures, we realized that it's definitely time for Henry to get another haircut!)

And he even “helped” Karl pack up when it was time to head home!:)

We think we'd like to go camping 1 or 2 more times this year...anyone have any suggestions as to where we should go??


Carrie said...

Love the camping quilt! How has it washed up? Henry looks like he's having a blast in those photos.

philnjill said...

The Olympic Peninsula! It's beautiful, rains a lot and some really nice camping.