My compliments to the chef!

We went to see a matinee showing of Pixar's latest movie, Ratatouille, on Sunday.

I loved it! L.O.V.E.D. it. Every last bit of it. Can't wait to add it to our DVD collection!

The story was great - lots of good laughs for the grown-ups, which is always a plus.

And the animation was superb. Those geniuses at Pixar really know what they are doing. Such a great breath of fresh air, and so nice to have them bounce back after the disappointment of Cars.

Karl and I walked out of the theater craving good food and good wine - truly a sign of how good the movie was if a cartoon can make us crave these things!

So we had a wonderfully simple dinner of spinach salad along with crusty bread smeared with French cheese (wonderfully creamy and slightly stinky stuff...perfecto) and a good red wine, followed by Ranier cherries for dessert. So good.

The look on Remy's face here sums it up perfectly - good movies, good food and good wine = great Sunday!

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Karl said...

I just wanted to say for my own part, that this movie was fantastic. We both loved it very much, it may very well be my favorite PIXAR movie. I love PIXAR movies so that is saying a lot.