Best Gift We've Ever Given Ourselves

I mentioned a few posts back that we celebrated the paying off of my car by purchasing new bedroom furniture. Well here it is!

There was a bit of uncertainty as to how well I actually liked the new mattress the first night we had it, but it turns out that the heat was impacting my judgment (and my nighttime comfort) because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE NEW BED!! So much so that it makes me want to cuddle up and hibernate for a few months. It’s so comfy, I can’t even get over it. Oh so nice to finally have an adult bedroom!

Since the new bed is too tall for Henry to be able to jump up on his own (unless he's really excited, and then that little dude can jump up on just about anything), Hobbes can stretch out as much as he wants without fear of being pounced on by the puppy.

But of course, once he's up on the bed then little Henry has to be all up in your grill:

While I’m on the subject of our furniture, may I go on a bit of a rant?

Over the last year, we’ve had one less-than-ideal large purchase experience and three fabulous ones. The less-than-ideal one was with La-Z Boy (henceforth known as LAZY Boy). The living room furniture took 9 weeks to arrive after we ordered it (even though they said it would be 6-8 weeks), then they damaged our chair during delivery and it took an extra 6 weeks before they got our chair re-upholstered. And on top of that, we had to pick up the re-upholstered chair ourselves or else face an extra 1-2 week wait until their delivery schedule opened up. Talk about inconvenient! And I encountered nothing but a bunch of bureaucracy and runarounds whenever I’d call them. Needless to say, I’m just hoping that nothing goes wrong with the furniture over the next 10 years so I don’t have to deal with the LAZY Boy warranty people!

On the flip side, we’ve been pleased as punch with the service we received from our other large purchases.

The bed and dresser came from Underhills, our favorite local furniture store. They were so accommodating that they were going to try and deliver the furniture a day and a half after we bought it! But since we didn’t have our mattresses purchased yet, we asked that they wait an extra week and they happily obliged. Oh, and they were having a great sale during the month of June so we got a killer deal…and that always makes me happy!

Our mattresses came from JC Penney, and the sales lady there was so helpful and friendly but not at all intrusive or annoying. They delivered the mattresses to us within 2 weeks of purchase (would have been even sooner had it not been for the 4th of July holiday), and their delivery guys were very friendly and speedy.

Finally, our bedding came from Garnet Hill (my favorite source for quilts that make everyone think I made them myself….ha!). Because the quilt I ordered was on clearance (the only way to go, in my opinion), they didn’t have king-size pillow shams and I didn’t realize how silly it would look with just 2 standard-size pillow shams on the bed until the order had already shipped. Never fear, the friendly Garnet Hill customer service rep added an additional pillow sham to my order and didn’t even charge me extra shipping!

So to sum up this long and rambling rant, LAZY Boy Furniture was a huge disappointment for us. But Underhill’s, JC Penney and Garnet Hill? I can’t recommend them enough! Oh, and 12 months same as cash is my new best friend (just have to keep track of that best friend to make sure that I pay it all off within the 12 months so it doesn't become my enemy!).

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