i love...

...seeing smiling family on our back patio while I get dinner ready:

Karl's mom, stepdad and sister were our house guests for the past few days, and we miss them so much already! Not just because they rocked our worlds with the amazing work they did on the house, but because we just loved having them around. Come back soon!

And now for a few photos of the house...

(We still don't have our computer up and running, although a new one has been ordered, so the photos in this post are HUGE because I don't have access to any photo editing software at the moment. But I'm so excited to share this stuff that I can't wait any longer!!)

Before - ugly cream-colored door casings used as baseboards, mismatched doors and out-of-date parquet flooring:

After - BEYOOTIFUL ceramic tiles and nice bright white trim, along with a matching white door! Those delicious baseboards are now installed throughout our entire house, and I can't stop drooling over them!

After - a blue front door that matches our shutters and a bunch of flower containers that I planted yesterday afternoon after everyone left (sorry, no 'before' picture of this one):

They also did a bunch of other awesomely awesome awesomeness for us....but those pictures will have to wait until we get the new computer up and running. :)

Thanks so much to Rocky, Susan and Laura for all of your hard work and all of the laughs! We tried to show our thanks the best way that we know how – through food and drink! :) Even that isn’t enough to describe just how much we appreciate all you do for us though, so we’ll have to think of another way to show our gratitude.

Now hurry up and come back for another visit…we loved having you here, we get all jazzed to work more on the house and yard after we see you, and I got my best ever Wii Bowling score while you were here!!

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Anonymous said...

Your place looks so beautiful!! And you haven't even attached all of the pictures you're excited about! Love the blue door - beautiful. And the flowers (wish I could keep some alive in our 100 degree - full sun summer).
~ Julie K.