His Elizabethan Stage

Henry had a little snip and clip last weekend – it was definitely time, if you know what I mean. So in the past few weeks we’ve upgraded to a larger sized collar and leash, he’s lost all of his baby teeth and he’s gotten neutered and microchipped. He’s taking leaps and bounds toward adulthood!

I’m happy to report that he made it through the surgery and the recovery like a champ. He’s supposed to wear the big protection collar for 2 weeks, but I’m sure it’ll probably come off well before then. We’re basically just waiting for the incision to heal up a bit more before we set him free.

It’s so cute to see him bobbing around the yard with that big collar around his head. He’s such a happy-go-lucky dog – not even this surgery got his spirits down. It took him a few hours to get used to functioning with the collar on, but even that doesn’t slow him down now.

Happy Tuesday!

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