Happy *very belated* Birthday, Brian!

I lost my blogging mojo for a bit, and I've been MIA. Life's been good, but just a bit unproductive and boring (boring for the blog, anyway).

This past Monday (5/7) was my brother's birthday! I'm woefully behind on getting a card in the mail, and I've even behind on posting a Happy Birthday wish to him here! Sorry, Brian!

He's not likely to actually come to this site very regularly, and even less likely to post a comment, but just in case...I hope you had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious birthday! And I hope that we'll get to see you this year (or at least maybe talk to you...)!

I was pretty young when I stopped living with my brothers, so I don't have a ton of childhood memories with them. I do, however, shamefully remember one day not too long after the divorce when I was in our kitchen on Alden with Brian, and he asked me if I missed him. I was probably 5 years old or so at the time, and in a typical bratty 5yo style I told him that I didn't miss him at all. Even when pressed, I still told him that I didn't miss him...not even a little bit. If I remember correctly, I was angry that he'd taken the feather duster that I was playing with away from me. Isn't it crazy to still feel bad about that almost 25 years later??

Well, dear brother, I did miss you (still do, in fact). And I'm sorry that I was such a brat that day in the kitchen. Rest assured that I've had almost 25 years of guilt associated with that memory. :)

Another memory I have is more recent, when he came up to Seattle to help celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. Karl, Brian and I stayed up late chatting one night and it was so much fun. I learned so much about my family pre-divorce and mostly pre-me, and that was eye-opening. A whole different group of people from what we all are today, that's for sure!

I love you, Brian!

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philnjill said...

I stink at birthday's. I never remember to send out cards, let alone call most people.

Happy Birthday, Bro. Next year is your 40th - doing a big party?