So I jinxed myself by saying that I had had a great birthday and was heading out for yummy Indian food. Less than 5 minutes after I hit "post" it became clear that something was drastically wrong with Mr. Henry. He vomited then kept his mouth open and cried A LOT, plus his little belly was really tight. I left a tearful message for Karl (who was down at Pike's Place buying me some beautiful flowers, as it turns out), then rushed him to our vet's office but they couldn't see him right away because they'd just had 2 dogs brought in who had been hit by 2 separate cars. Luckily, our evening turned out better than the 2 dogs' evenings did. It was still quite stressful and scary, nonetheless. I'm glad that Karl rushed to the vet's office once he got the message, so I didn't have to deal with all of that by myself.

Our wonderful vet took x-rays to make sure Henry didn't eat anything that would cause alarm (thankfully there was nothing but a large gas bubble...probably caused by something that he ate while playing outside...). Then she gave him fluids, anti-nausea medicine and a narcotic injection to calm him down. He drooled like crazy (still is) and cried from the gas pain (still is), but the doctor said that he should be fine. We're going to monitor him tonight and will check in with the vet's office in the morning, and we've got the 24-hr emergency vet clinic information just in case.

Now we're just home from the vet's office, and Karl's making me a grilled cheese sandwich. Happy birthday, indeed. We'll celebrate tomorrow, assuming the Henster is all better. I'm just so glad that I was home when it happened and that I could get to the vet's office before it closed. And of course, the best birthday gift of all is that we didn't have to have emergency surgery on our little guy!

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