All Better!

I worked from home today so I could keep an eye on Henry, and I'm pleased to report that he is 100% better!

When we got home last night, the cats were very concerned about the pup. I thought this was crazy sweet (since they usually growl and/or run away from him....but now we know that that's all show), but Henry didn't so much want any attention from his feline brothers. So they finally settled in where they could keep an eye on the little guy but not get in his way, and Henry slept off the sickness (and drooled a lot) in my lap. This morning he was about 80% back to normal, and he finally hit 100% in the early afternoon. Welcome back to full health, Henry!

I can't even explain how scary that was last night. Our pets are our world, and to be so helpless when one of them was in pain was terrible. I'm totally loving our new vet clinic right now, and they did a fabulous job of making us feel better last night. A good vet makes all the difference!

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