Sunday WIP

Here are two recent projects that I've started. The easy part (for me) - picking fabrics, deciding on a pattern, piecing the top - is done...and now I've got the hard part left. The part that always trips me up...the finishing (ummm, hello? I still haven't finished a certain set of placemats that was supposed to be done in time for Christmas). I've got to quilt and bind these two projects before they are done.

First up is a mini table runner (for lack of a better term) for our kitchen table. I bought my stepmom a similar pack of Moda Civil War squares for Christmas, and I liked the fabrics so much that I got one for myself as well.

Next up is a baby blanket for someone at work who is going on maternity leave at the end of this week. Remember how I vowed to not procrastinate after the stress known as Christmas 2006? Yeah, not so much. I've had almost 9 months to make this quilt, and I start less than one week before the shower...will I never learn??

I love the green and blue fabrics that I found, and I hope they match the colors in the baby-to-be's room. I've got the top pieced, and now I'm struggling with how to quilt the middle. Any ideas??

Notice how I tend to stray toward simple patchworks? Maybe I'll venture out to a tougher pattern next time. Then again, I do like a good patchwork - it's simple and timeless. :)

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Anonymous said...

These projects are wonderful! Really makes me want to learn to quilt. To make you feel better, I still owe someone a crocheted hat that was supposed to be a Christmas gift. The yarn I used stretched (first time that happened -- FRUSTRATING) and I've never re-made it for my friend!