simple sewing

I made a few super simple burp rags over the weekend as a baby gift for someone at work. The gal at the fabric store suggested making 2 burp rags out of 1 yard of terry cloth, but that made them about the size of a bath towel...and that just seemed weird, so I made 4 burp rags out of 1 yard. Baby blue terry on one side, blue striped and white/blue floral flannel on the other side. Such an easy project, and useful, too!

I also did our taxes (I planned my witholdings just right to where we got a small refund, whew!) and worked a ton in the yard with Karl. All of the plants that should have been pruned back in the late fall are now trimmed down so the emerging buds can grow unencumbered.

And...my great husband hung my craft shelves for me! I'm not entirely done organizing them, but here are a few photos of the in-progress shelves:

Happy Monday...

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